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Associated Monster GT 8.0

        Associated Monster GT 8.0 Man, we want this thing just for the lazer-pistol starter! The engine it fires up is equally rad, a massive 8cc (.5ci) monster that makes the Monster GT one wicked wheelie machine—there’s even a wheelie bar built into the rear bumper. A freshly minted body and updated [...]

Oct 23, 2007 Comments
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All-new Traxxas E-Maxx!

The new E-Maxx is really a whole new truck. The chassis is all new and very cool. It’s longer (30mm) and much more stable. The batteries angle in and is super tough. The chassis braces are much more heavy duty. The radio gear is 100% waterproof. The tranny is totally new with bigger gears that [...]

Oct 20, 2007 Comments
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JConcepts Tango Illuzion T-Maxx 3.3 body

The “Tango” style is the latest in monster truck styling from JConcepts. Tango presents a new approach while incorporating functionality of the original Illuzion concept. Beefy fenders, Illuzionized cab and durable flowing bed design are just some of the features that make the new Illuzion “Tango” stand out from the rest. The clear Tango body [...]

Oct 19, 2007 Comments
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The All-New Traxxas E-Maxx

                                                    The new E-Maxx is really a whole new truck. The chassis is all new and very cool. It’s longer (30mm) and much more stable. The batteries angle in and [...]

Oct 18, 2007 Comments
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Pro-Line Boulder Holder fits MAXX®, REVO® 2.5, Savage

  From Pro-Line: Do you haul it, want to haul it, or have ever thought of hauling it? Whatever category you fall into, then check out Pro-Line’s new Boulder Holder body for the T/E/2.5/3.3-MAXX®, REVO® 2.5, and Savage trucks.   Nothing says fun like the Boulder Holder. Throw it on your truck, throw stuff into [...]

Oct 18, 2007 Comments
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Team Orion Super Duty Battery Packs

From Team Orion: Team Orion is excited to introduce its new line of Super Duty Packs to the masses. Using Team Orion’s own cells which have been tested to handle over 150A, providing previous unheard of performance from a stick pack. Available in 2400, 33000 and 3300 sizes in 6-cell 7.2V stick pack configurations with [...]

Sep 29, 2007 Comments
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New Pro-Line truck shells: ’56 F-100, Desert Rat for Rustler, 80′s Chevy

  Desert Rat for Traxxas Rustler & Nitro Ruster  Pro-Line’s proprietary design, the Desert Rat, has been taking the monster truck market by storm. Now, Pro-Line offers a smaller version for the ever popular Traxxas® Electric Rustler®.   The Desert Rat body is the epitome of bold designs. It’s extremely pronounced fenders offer more clearance [...]

Sep 18, 2007 Comments
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Associated announces NEW 1/10 4WD nitro monster truck!

New from No body-off shots yet, but it only takes a quick look at the specs to see the new Mini Monster GT should be a bunch of 4WD fun. Here’s the official info from Team Associated; for discussion, go to the Mini MGT thread in our Hot News & New Stuff forum. The [...]

Aug 10, 2007 Comments
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