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Two-Ton Turbo Diesel Hexapod

Though it’s not an car, truck, or boat, this walking hexapod robot is still technically a surface vehicle! Standing at over 9 feet tall and weighing nearly two tons, it’s also the largest of its kind anywhere in the world. Built by Micromagic systems and powered by a 2.2-liter turbo diesel, with hydraulically actuated legs [...]

Apr 12, 2013 Comments
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Birds Eye Productions’ Perspective on the Cactus Classic

Phoenix-based video production company Birds Eye Productions brought their multirotor camera rig to the Scottsdale R/C Speedway a few weeks ago, flying well over the track to provide an overhead look at the biggest Cactus Classic ever in the event’s 27-year history. What did you think of the video? Tell us by posting a comment [...]

Apr 01, 2013 Comments
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Slow-Mo Rock Crawling [Video Of The Week]

How best to immortalize an afternoon of rock crawling with your buddies? Get it on video by filming it from as low as possible, slow it down, and set it to the background music of a rad dubstep remix of a Pink Floyd song. Watch the local crew at Cutting Edge Hobbies in Las Vegas, [...]

Mar 28, 2013 Comments
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Off-Track Interview: 2013 “The Dirt” Girls

Since the premiere event over a decade ago, one of the hottest attractions at the annual The Dirt Nitro Challenge are the lovely young ladies that pose for the trophy presentations: they’re known as The Dirt Girls. They’re at the track all week long to assist with racer registration, RV parking, and general information, and [...]

Mar 15, 2013 Comments
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Flippin’ Physics: RC vs. full-size back flips

One of the many reasons why we love RC cars is the opportunity to make them do what we otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to attempt in real life; whether it’s tearing up a loamy and jump-laden short course,  grinding the curbs of a windy road circuit, or launching into the sky to complete a [...]

Mar 01, 2013 Comments
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Rocket-firing helicopter

This is interesting. A reader from Brazil sent us this video of a Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 that he and his father equipped with a rocket launch. Should there be a law against this, or not? The live action starts about 1:24 into the video. [A note from our team at Model Airplane News: this [...]

Aug 01, 2012 Comments
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Cat vs. helicopter

In this video pick of the week, a cat KOs a ‘copter (no animals or aircraft are harmed!). Watch it … it’s funny!  

Jul 17, 2012 Comments
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