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When RC Meets Exercise: Czech RC Rally Racing

It’s no accident that Europeans are often thinner than Americans for two reasons: smaller portions and more activity. After all, it makes sense – eating fewer, and burning more, calories tends to help keep the waistline fit and trim. RC racers stereotypically fall on the opposite end of the spectrum, but these rally racing enthusiasts [...]

Jul 05, 2013 Comments
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How It’s Made – Inside Team Orion’s brushless motor production plant!

Anyone who has driven an electric RC car in the last ten years has a lot to be thankful for when it comes to power systems; today’s brushless motors are more reliable, more powerful, more efficient, and require less maintenance than ever before. Team Orion’s newest video shows what goes into making these modern engineering [...]

Jun 27, 2013 Comments
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A Main Hobbies’ ROAR Fuel Off-Road Nationals Video

A Main Hobbies’ latest highlight video comes straight from Gulf Coast Raceway in Porter, TX, site of the ROAR Fuel Off-Road Championships a couple of weeks ago. The clip starts with incredible flyover footage of GCR’s large pit area and track, and ends with Ty Tessman and Adam Drake hoisting their respective national championship trophies. [...]

Jun 26, 2013 Comments
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2013 ROAR Nationals Sideshow – Denver Houghton Eats Huge Beetle

At last weekend’s ROAR Nationals in Porter, TX there was one particular event in the pit area that drew nearly as much excitement as the on-track action itself. A collection plate circulated through the pits to put together a jackpot for young TLR racer Denver Houghton from Benton, LA, who agreed to eat a large [...]

Jun 21, 2013 Comments
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Tandem R/C Drifting – GoPro First Person POV [Video]

Ever wondered what it’d be like to get behind the wheel of a drift car, pitch it sideways, and look forward out of the side window? YouTube user “iitreatedii” stuck his GoPro Hero3 onto an RC drifter at this year’s Carlisle Performance and Style in Carlisle, PA – pop a Dramamine, click play, and practice [...]

May 24, 2013 Comments
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The Dirt Racing’s Joey Christensen Rebuilds Silver Dollar R/C Raceway

A Main Hobbies posted this video of Joey Christensen, the man behind The Dirt Racing and the largest nitro off-road race of the year, The Dirt Nitro Challenge, rebuilding their Silver Dollar R/C Raceway. With new dirt added to the facility, which was built last year and will host the 2013 ROAR Electric Off-Road Nationals, [...]

May 10, 2013 Comments
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RC helicopters do the Harlem Shake

Like all flashy pop songs and Internet memes, it didn’t take long for the Harlem Shake to be totally played out. The popular dance craze is 2013′s version of Gangnam Style, with thousands of videos posted online of Internet fame seekers making their own versions that, unsurprisingly, all look very similiar. And that’s what makes [...]

Apr 26, 2013 Comments
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2013 Silver State: Reese Meyer Interview

Aside from the competitive battles amongst the fastest pros in the world, the biggest entertainment of a large event like the nitro off-road race comes in the form of watching the Open class racers as the mix of older weekend warriors and young up-and-comers makes for an incredibly diverse field. While scoping the pit area [...]

Apr 21, 2013 Comments
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