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Schumacher Mi4 Electric Touring Car

New from Schumacher: The NEW Schumacher Mi4 is the ultimate high performance electric touring car. Designed by Schumacher’s world championship winning engineering team, developed by Phil Booth and the Schumacher Race Team alongside multiple British Touring Car Champion Chris Grainger. USA development is continuing with ROAR National Champion Mike Haynes. The Mi4 is fast! With [...]

Apr 07, 2009 Comments
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A123 Racing Nanophosphate Lithium-Ion Batteries

When I received the A123 batteries, I wasn’t exactly sure which vehicles to use them in, as they have a unique voltage and size. I decided to take them home and look around my collection and see what would be the best fit. Thankfully, a couple of vehicles popped out right away. The 1100mAh battery [...]

Mar 31, 2009 Comments
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Team Checkpoint 25A 12V Racing Power Supply

New from Checkpoint: Delivering up to 25A maximum current! The Team Checkpoint 25A 12V Racing Power Supply uses state-of-the-art switching technology to produce the clean DC power that’s essential for such sensitive equipment as peak detection chargers. That same technology enables Team Checkpoint to keep the Racing Power Supply’s size and weight to the minimum [...]

Mar 23, 2009 Comments
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ROAR adds 1/10-Scale Electric Short Course Truck (SCT) Class

Latest news from ROAR: 03/16/09 – 1:10 Scale Electric Short Course Truck (SCT) Class Today ROAR, the Official USA and Canadian sanctioning body for R/C Car and Truck Competition, announced the formation of 1:10 Scale Electric Short Course Truck (SCT) construction specifications to its Racing Membership and Manufacture Affiliate Partners. The 1:10 SCT Specifications, will [...]

Mar 23, 2009 Comments
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Team Associated RC8e 1/8th Scale 4WD Electric Buggy Kit

New from AE: Team Associated is proud to release the RC8e, a 1:8 scale electric powered competition buggy kit based on the championship winning RC8 platform! The RC8e engineering team has developed a practical design that incorporates the same exceptional strength, durability, cornering capability, jumping ability, and rough track handling that characterize the nitro powered [...]

Mar 06, 2009 Comments
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Team Associated SC8e 1/8th Scale 4WD Electric Off-Road Race Truck Kit

New from AE: The ultra-realistic SC8 was designed to look like full-size 4WD race trucks that compete on short course off-road tracks around the country. Team Associated’s all-new SC8e kit brings all of that scale excitement to those who prefer the awesome performance, convenience, and cleanliness of electric power. Like the SC8, the SC8e was [...]

Mar 05, 2009 Comments
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Losi MSC12SL 12T High Power Forward/Reverse ESC

New from Losi: The MSC 12SL 12T High-Power Forward/Reverse Electronic Speed Control (ESC) features a high-frequency design that delivers the smooth speed transition desired by electric RC racers. This ESC comes prewired with a Tamiya-style battery plug and bullet-style motor connectors, and is compatible with 4-cell 4.8V to 6-cell 7.2V Ni-MH battery packs. Features: High [...]

Jan 15, 2009 Comments
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Team Associated Factory Team B44 LiPo Battery Cradle

New from Team Associated: The Factory Team LiPo battery cradle replaces the Team Associated’s B44 stock NiMH battery holders so that LiPo batteries can be installed securely without messy double-sided tape or adhesives. Specifically sized for use with Reedy’s 5100mAh (#710) and 4200mAh (#712) saddle pack LiPo batteries, the cradle is CNC machined from light [...]

Jan 08, 2009 Comments
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