1st Look At Serpent’s New 1/8 Electric Serpent Cobra S811-Be

The Serpent Cobra S811-Be is the next superbly designed offroad car in the Cobra family. The Serpent Cobra buggy was launched in middle of 2010, followed by the Serpent Cobra-T Truggy in may 2011. Now World Champion Billy Easton created another masterpiece, based on his longtime experience in top-level offroad racing. The Serpent Cobra-Be follows [...]

Jun 23, 2011 Comments
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Thunder Power RC Z3R-8 Brushless Motors

Thunder Power RC introduces all-new Z3R Brushless Motor Series; designed, developed and built to deliver maximum performance and reliability for RC surface vehicles. Since 2008, Thunder Power RC Race Series LiPo batteries have set never-before-seen industry-leading standards in performance, reliability and longevity for electric-powered vehicles. They continue to be the batteries to have or be [...]

Jun 21, 2011 Comments
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Corolla Levin beater

My new HPI Cup Racer came with a cool Toyota Corolla Levin body, but there was one problem: I had no idea how I wanted to paint it.  I browsed hundreds of Levin and Trueno photos but nothing really inspired me.  Then, by random chance, I was flipping through my old copies of RC Car [...]

Jun 19, 2011 Comments
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Viper R/C Announces 1/8 VSE Series Sensored Brushless Motors

Introducing the VSE-B and VSE-T fully sensored motors from Viper R/C for your 1/8 buggy and truggy. Designed to take your 1/8th scale buggy or truggy to the winners circle. Months of rigorous on track and racing development have produced a 1/8 power plant ready to take your vehicle to a new level of performance, [...]

Jun 13, 2011 Comments
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Reedy Sonic Competition 1/10 Brushless Motors

After a three-year absence, the Reedy name is making a return to the competition 1:10 electric motor scene. Reedy’s Sonic line of brushed motors were a favorite of racers worldwide and powered numerous National and World Champions in the late ’80s and early ’90s. It is only fitting that the famous Sonic name be revived [...]

Jun 13, 2011 Comments
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Project “Rozzer”

I’ve wanted to put together a police car body for my TC4 drifter for a while now, but until recently I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted it to look like.  A Dodge Charger in classic black-and-white would be great, but there were a couple problems with that.  First off, I had [...]

Jun 06, 2011 Comments
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DuraTrax Sensored Brushless Motors

DuraTrax Sensored Brushless Motors deliver the reliability bashers need and the performance that serious racers demand! Sensored means more precise control with no cogging and with a selection of 4 different turns to choose from, drivers will find the perfect fit for their vehicle. The DuraTrax Brushless Motors are also the ideal match for the [...]

Jun 03, 2011 Comments
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Sneak Peek At Tekin’s New Pro 4 Short Course Motor

Tekin has provided us this teaser for their upcoming short course motor. At this time we can tell you that this motor will use a 4 pole multi slot design and is a sensored brushless motor. This motor was designed to be used 4X4 short course trucks. Look for this motor to come out this [...]

Jun 02, 2011 Comments
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