Huge Blowout Sale From MaxAmps.com – 20% Off Green Series LiFe Packs

For a limited time only MaxAmps.com is blowing out inventory on our popular Green Series LiFe products. Head to MaxAmps.com and take advantage of the 20% savings now! Green Series LiFe packs will not catch fire or explode from over-charging. In addition to being safer than LiPos, they are more robust and provide 1000+ usable [...]

Jul 20, 2011 Comments
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Team Associated on Top in 4 at JBRL Round 5

Its not very often that I “pump my own tires,”but it is my blog so I figure every now and then would be ok. Besides, my teammates did very well and this about them mostly:   Pegasus Hobbies hosted round 5 of the electric JBRL series last weekend. With a bit of a lighter turnout [...]

Jul 19, 2011 Comments
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Hyper Drift Night Competition – Friday, July 15th

The Hyper Drift crew is hosting a competition this Friday, July 15th! If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, stop by and check it out. Hosted by Limited Traction Date: July 15th, 2011 Time: Practice starts @ 6pm, Comp starts @ 8pm Location: McCarthy Ranch Shopping Center, Milpitas, CA (off 880 & 237 on [...]

Jul 11, 2011 Comments
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CORE RC LiPo Batteries

The CORE RC lipo battery range is designed to provide low cost racing or RTR fun with all the advantages of lipo battery technology. These rounded batteries are an ideal replacement for older technology 7.2v Nimh and NiCads fitting into most RTR and sport vehicles alike. CR157 – CORE RC 3000mAHr 7.4v 20c Lipo Specification: [...]

Jul 09, 2011 Comments
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Trans-Am trio

A few years ago, a couple of friends and I decided that we wanted some old school Trans-Am cars to race.  We dug out our old Associated TC3 electric sedans, browsed some hobby catalogs, and immediately began negotiating to make sure we each got the car we wanted.  After much discussion and bribing one another [...]

Jul 08, 2011 Comments
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Wednesday Night Nationals! Club Racing with some of the Best in the World. [Video]

I would bet its not everyday that you see a driver’s stand full of some of the top pro’s in the world club racing at your local track. Luckily, in Southern California this happens somewhat frequently. With 1/10th scale electric worlds just around the corner, drivers like Dustin Evans, Ryan Cavalieri, Matt Castellano, Steven Hartson, [...]

Jun 29, 2011 Comments
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Has drifting missed the mark?

I have been drifting casually for a few years now, but I never really gave it much thought as anything other than parking lot bashing.  Indeed, a lot of RCers tend to think of drifting as a fad that has come and gone – a novelty that wore off in 2009, never to be fully [...]

Jun 26, 2011 Comments
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Dynamite RC Prophet Sport LiPo 25W AC Charger

Dynamite’s Prophet Sport Lipo 25W AC Battery Charger provides the ultimate solution for enthusiasts looking for an affordable yet robust Lipo battery charger. The Prophet Lipo Sport is a full-featured, cost effective, AC LiPo & LiFe battery charger designed for novice and sport users that have smaller capacity LiPo/Life batteries with 1-2C charge rates. Features: [...]

Jun 23, 2011 Comments
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