Pro-Line Announces New Pre-Cut “True Scale” Raptor and Silverado Bodies

“PRE CUT?! But I love trimming body shells!” said no one ever. In addition to allowing your curved scissors to get rusty, Pro-Line’s new “True Scale” bodies are carefully shaped to give authentic proportions to your short course machine (fits Slash, Slash 4X4, and SC10, says Pro-Line). Naturally, each body includes window masks, overspray, film, [...]

Feb 22, 2014 Comments
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Airtronics Updates MT-4 With Synchro Link, Faster Response Time

Nice looking pistol here. Airtronics has revamped its MT-4 system to include the M12′s Sanwa Synchronized Link system (which allows you to program Airtronics speed controls right from the transmitter), and shaves response time with a new RX-472 Super Response receiver. An updated steering wheel and graphics complete the makeover, and the LCD screen is now [...]

Feb 21, 2014 Comments
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Now THAT’S an Axle…New Gear From RC4WD

RC4WD’s 8×8 Armageddon all-metal dump truck is a scale masterpiece, with the price tag to prove it: $2,800, yikes! Even if you don’t have the scratch to buy the whole rig, that doesn’t mean you can’t get smaller doses of it’s eight-wheel-drive awesomeness. All four of its mighty metal axles are available separately, along with a [...]

Feb 19, 2014 Comments
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Dynamite Prophet Sport Duo LiPo/NiMH Charger

Dynamite’s Prophet Sport Duo cuts down time with dual-charging capability and is packing plenty of juice (100 watts total, 50 per channel) to charge 1-6S LiPo packs, but what we really like is its small size and easy setup. No menus, just turn the dial to set the output and hit the Start button.  Official [...]

Feb 19, 2014 Comments
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Spotted: Pro-Line Capped Ford Bronco Short-Course Body

As spotted in Ty Tessmann‘s pit, this capped Ford Bronco shell will soon be on the way from Pro-Line.  You’ll need a set of extra-long rear body posts for this guy, otherwise expect it to fit standard 1/10 short-course trucks and include all the usual Pro-Line goodness with overspray film, window masks, and decals. We [...]

Feb 13, 2014 Comments
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Electric Tether Car Breaks the 200mph Barrier

200mph with an RC car remains an elusive goal, but the tether-car gurus at Vector Racing have achieved the milestone with the eponymous Vector. This Castle Creations-powered missile rolls out with a NeuMotors 1530 motor, Ice HV controller,  and twelve Thunder Power LiPo cells aboard. Sending the car on its way to 200mph is not [...]

Feb 03, 2014 Comments
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Performance Test: Team Associated SC10RS

Associated’s SC10 is a proven short-course performer in kit form, and maintains its race-ready handling in RTR mode as the SC10RS (that’s “RS” as in “Race Spec”). Here’s the full review from our on-sale-now April issue.  Click the pages to embiggen. For maximum size, right-click and open as a new tab or window.  Nice shots [...]

Feb 02, 2014 Comments
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Traxxas “Brushless Edition” E-Revo, E-Maxx Now Waterproof With New MXL-6s Speed Control

Between the venerable E-Maxx, with its original monster truck appeal and off-road performance that reshaped the genre with its release, and its futuristic cantilevered (and fellow RC Car Action Readers’ Choice Award-winning) cousin E-Revo, Traxxas has commanded both the electric monster truck category and many backyard tracks across the country. Until now, however, purchasing either [...]

Feb 01, 2014 Comments
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