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It’s Time for ROAR to Update Their Rules

Racing needs rules. Without them there would be no guidelines and confusion would rein. But what happens when the rules are so vague, outdated or confusing that their relevance is useless? Thumbing through the latest rulebook and you’ll see a lot of rules with a ton of detail. It can be overwhelming, but fortunately the [...]

Feb 16, 2015 Comments
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Vaterra Ascender by Jason Cook

Jason assembled this super clean ’86 K5 Blazer from the Vaterra Ascender kit using a Tekin power system — an FXR speed control running a 35T motor. Jason painted the body with Tamiya Gun Metal up top with Duratrax Metallic Black below. The tires are stock from the kit but he mounted them on Gearhead [...]

Feb 11, 2015 Comments
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Novak Announces New HD8 Motor & Pit Wizard Tuner, Updated Activ8

Novak is upping their 1/8 scale game with the new HD8 motor, Activ8 V2 speed control, and Pit Wizard. RC old-timers will recall Novak was the first to offer a hand-held. LCD-screen speed control programmer way back in the late 1990s, back when we all ran brushed motors. Today’s Pit Wizard works with Novak’s Super-Tuner Plus firmware based speed [...]

Feb 10, 2015 Comments
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Serpent Ups Their 1/12 Scale Game With S120 LTR

You can always count on Serpent to produce top-quality on-roaders, and the brand best known for its 1/8 scale pavement weapons makes a heck of a 1/12 scale carpet-cutter as well. The S120 is the latest, and as you can see in the photos below, it’s a first-class machine. Says Serpent, “Focus on development has [...]

Feb 04, 2015 Comments
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SWORKz S102 2WD Buggy – Nuremberg News

SWORKz has officially entered the 2WD buggy wars with the S102, which ticks off all the features you’d expect of a modern competition buggy and adds an SWORKz spin. Literally, in the case of the transmission, which uses a “simple gear insert” to allow a mid-motor or rear-motor configuration without swapping transmissions or chassis. No [...]

Feb 03, 2015 Comments
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Associated Apex RTRs Star in Superbowl Commercial

If you were watching the big game last night (the Superbowl? Hello?) then you probably jumped out of your seat when you saw the ad for the new 306hp, rear-wheel-drive Lexus RC 350. Playing off of the “RC” in the name of the car, the video features an RC version of the RC 350 performing [...]

Feb 02, 2015 Comments
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Should Slicks Be Outlawed in Off-Road Electric Racing?

For a lot of us, RC Racing is a great activity and a way for friends and family to come together and share in something that’s enjoyed by all ages. But what happens when that fun activity becomes too hard or frustrating for the average person? Off-road electric racing seems to be going through a [...]

Feb 02, 2015 Comments
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Losi Announces Troy Lee Designs TEN-SCTE – Nuremberg News

More Nuremburg news from Losi. The 4WD TEN-SCTE has been redressed as a new Troy Lee Designs RTR. Based on the 2013 and 2014 ROAR Nationals winner, theTroy Lee Designs livery is fully licensed and should appeal to motocross and off-road racers looking for looks to go along with the 4WD shaft-driven chassis. Equally impressive [...]

Jan 29, 2015 Comments
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