Axial SCX-10 Beater Farm Truck by Deon Person [READER'S RIDE]

Deon Person sent in this well-weathered Axial SCX-10 wearing a Pro-Line ’50s Chevy pickup body. His concept was to create a truck that been living the hard life on the farm for years. He gave it a rusty finish and dented and distressed the body underneath. The winshield is cracked and…are those bullet holes? There’s [...]

Apr 20, 2016 Comments
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3 Feet of Fun: Kyosho Jet Stream 888 VE ReadySet

Spring has been sprung for a while now…are you on the water yet? If you’re looking for a fresh way to hit the waves, take a gander at this bad boy. Kyosho’s Jet Stream measures 35″ long and is ready to turn 4S LiPo power into roost and wake, with Orion outrunner power and adjustable [...]

Apr 19, 2016 Comments
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Interview: Team Associated’s Rob Gillespie Jr. Chats About Utah’s Racing Scene [RACE WATCH]

Not many people realize that Utah has a thriving and passionate scene that has flourished since the early days of RC racing. Grounded around the historic IR/CR Raceway, the track recently went through an ownership and location change that is setting the path for the future in this region surrounded by snow-covered mountains. Known as [...]

Apr 13, 2016 Comments
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YouTube Personality Jason Snyder Launches “RAW Speed” Accessory Company

  From RawSpeed: After entertaining the r/c industry with his YouTube videos over the last several years, Jason Snyder has just created his own U.S. based r/c accessory company named “RawSpeed” After months of research, the primary focus at Raw Speed will be on race oriented products including tires, wheels, inserts and bodies for both [...]

Apr 11, 2016 Comments
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April Fools Classic: 2WD Buggy & Truck Wins for Associated, TLR Takes 4WD Buggy

The 2016 April Fools Classic is completed with Team Associated’s Robbie Gillespie Jr. TQ’ing all three of the premiere classes of modified truck, buggy and 4WD buggy and nearly had the perfect weekend. But, in spite of winning truck and buggy in the first a-mains to lock down the wins from up front, it was [...]

Apr 03, 2016 Comments
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Big Turnout and Lots of Fun at the 2016 April Fools Classic

The April Fools Classic has a long and prestigious history and this year saw attendance at an all time high with over 42 heats of racing making it one of the largest, if not the largest electric racing event in America. Check out some of the action in this quick photo gallery. Results coming up.

Apr 03, 2016 Comments
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Axial SCX10 Volvo XC90 by Micheal Matthews [READER'S RIDE]

A Volvo RC vehicle is just about as rare a thing as a Big Foot sighting. With Micheal’s Axial-based rig, you get both—because he has installed a Sasquatch driver figure behind the wheel of his SCX10-XC90. But don’t let the whimsical wheelman fool you—this is a serious scale project. It uses the SCX10 chassis and [...]

Mar 30, 2016 Comments
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Interview: Stock Racing with Jeff “Humpty” Helms [RACE WATCH]

Jeff “Humpty” Helms is known by many racers, as the man in stock racing. The Arizona local is credited with pushing the technology of batteries to the limit and doing every little tweak to gain an edge in the class. He’s received lots of criticism for his work and many feel has changed the original [...]

Mar 29, 2016 Comments
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