Losi Announces All-New 1/6 Scale Audi R8 GT3 Supercar

No one saw this thing coming! Losi’s super-sized take on street-shredding RC looks like a real powerhouse. The car is built on an all-new chassis dubbed the “6IX,” and will arrive RTR. The car’s sensorless 1200Kv motor is fueled by dual batteries (not included) and a 6S-rated speed control that delivers over 60mph, says Losi. [...]

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Hobby King’s BAT1 Land Yacht: We Want to Try One [VIDEO]

Name any type of full-size vehicle, and you don’t have to look too hard to find a mainstream RC version you can buy. Unless you’re talking “land yachts”…you don’t see those every day. Hobby King has that niche covered with the BAT 1. It’s as simple as RC gets, with wind power providing the motivating [...]

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Castle Creations Mamba Micro X Packs Big Power in Small Package

Minis can be a blast especially when space for action is limited. Castle knows how much fun it can be and have brought power to those who won’t settle for mediocre. The Castle Mamba Micro X lays down a small footprint making ti perfectly suited for  1/18-scale size, and its “mighty-mite” 0808 brushless motors complete [...]

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Project Old School Update

It’s been a slow go for my old school monster truck due to a recent move. All the parts have been sitting in boxes for a few months and I was finally able to free them and start building again. Here’s a little bit of an update of what is going on with this project. [...]

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Tamiya Mountaineer Survivor by Kyle Taylor [Reader's Ride]

Kyle Taylor sent us pictures of his Tamiya Mountaineer which he bought and built way back in 1993. The truck looks pretty mint for being old enough to legally buy a beer! (You know — if RC trucks could drink beer…or buy stuff.) It even still has the original RS-750-SH motor and transmission. Kyle upgraded [...]

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I hereby proclaim that we all need to be racing Tamiya Honda City Turbos. There’s nothing remotely race-worthy about it (heck, it’s designed to do wheelies), which is why I want to race it. Spec-class style of course, just build it box stock and race it. OK, you can add bearings, but that’s it. How [...]

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ECX Goes Crawling With New TEMPER RTR [VIDEO]

ECX has plenty of variety in its 17-model lineup, but no rock crawlers–until now. The new Temper is 1/18-scale solid-axle crawler with 4-link suspension, brushed power, waterproof electronics, and plenty of aluminum parts (see that blue stuff? There you go). A battery and charger are in the box, so the Temper is ready to hit [...]

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JConcepts Reflex Tires for 1/10 Buggy: Traction for Dust and Loam

Tires are one of the most important items in getting your buggy to work at its best and now JConcepts is releasing a new series of tires called the Reflex for 2WD and 4WD buggies. With a square and angled style lug, this tread pattern is suited to loose and dusty tracks or when the [...]

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