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How To: Clean and maintain your brushless motor

Eleven steps for best performance One of the benefits of brushless motors is that they require very little maintenance, but they should be inspected regularly and cleaned to provide optimum performance. This article details the steps you should take to keep your motor in tiptop shape, as well as provides tips on how to make [...]

Jun 07, 2013 Comments
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HOW TO: Transmitter Steering Setup

Because you’re probably doing it wrong. Whether your radio is a pro pistol or an econo model, the steering system is its most adjusted feature. Basic radios only offer steering trim and servo-reversing, but many RTR radios also include dual-rate steering, and popular sport-level computer radios offer adjustable endpoints, exponential and subtrims in addition to [...]

May 24, 2013 Comments
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Tip Of The Week: Energy Shot Shock Guards

I have found that empty energy shot bottles make great shock protectors for off-road vehicles.  I cut the bottles in half lengthwise and drill a small hole through the neck of the bottle.  Then I use the lower shock mounting screw to attach it to the control arm.  This keeps my shocks cleaner and also [...]

May 23, 2013 Comments
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Pit Tips: Transmitter Bag On The Cheap [July Issue]

A padded fabric lunch bag can double as a transmitter bag.  Most have a pocket for an icepack that can be used for spare AA batteries or an extra receiver, Bouns: you can also use the bag to carry lunch. To check out all the Pit Tips from the July issue, view page 24 or [...]

May 15, 2013 Comments
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HOW TO: 20 Minute Nitro Engine Tune-Up

PHOTOS PETE HALL Spend a little time now to save a lot of time later. The weather is starting to warm up across the U.S., and that means it’s almost time to head outdoors for nitro season! Get ready to spend some time doing some pre-run maintenance if you’ve been storing your rig all winter [...]

May 10, 2013 Comments
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Pit Tips: Works Like Magic! [June]

Works Like Magic: When body and chassis parts get really dirty, I use a Mr.Clean Magic Eraser to get them looking new again.  This works particularly well for 1/8-scale wings where dirt can get crammed into the corners and scratches. Kerry Burch – Charlotte, NC   To view all the Pit Tips from the June issue [...]

Apr 18, 2013 Comments
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HOW TO: Go Fast, Save Cash!

Everyone wants to save money these days, but they still want to tear up the track. Believe it or not, simple maintenance of your race vehicle can allow you to do just that. Off-road vehicles such as nitro buggies and truggies take a lot of abuse on the track and that abuse will cause wear [...]

Apr 12, 2013 Comments
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How To: Apply Decals Like A Pro [VIDEO]

Applying decals is a finishing-touch that has nothing to do with function, but is still extremely important. Unlike many RC tasks, decal work is a “one and done” process which cannot be reversed, so it is important to apply decals correctly the first time. A well-decorated body not only looks good, but it can help [...]

Mar 29, 2013 Comments
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