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Make-It Monday: Small-Parts Painting Stand

Small detail parts can be blown away by the force of a spray can, or may become stuck to the surface you place them on for painting. To avoid this, make a small-parts holder using stiff wire, an alligator clip, and a block of wood. Or better yet, two alligator clips! And here’s a tip: [...]

Aug 12, 2013 Comments
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Cut, Trim, Sand, and Buff – Dremeling Basics

Choosing and using a rotary tool There was a time when I did not own a rotary tool. I had to cut bolts with a hack saw, and I used a Swiss Army knife to trim Lexan bodies. Then one day I bought a Dremel tool, and the Dark Ages officially came to an end. [...]

Aug 02, 2013 Comments
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Pit Tip: Bottom Out

I paint some Liquid Paper on the bottom of my short course chassis before I run my truck.  This allows me to see if the truck is bottoming out over jumps and lets me know if I need to make suspension change. Federic Cry – Drummondville, QC Canada

Jul 25, 2013 Comments
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6 Easy Fixes for when you forget to mark body post holes

Imagine that you just finished laying down a cool paint job or you just received a custom painted shell from a pro painter; with either scenario you’ve spent a lot of time or money on a new look for your ride. All seems to be going well, until you go to drop the body on [...]

Jul 19, 2013 Comments
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Easy DIY Car Rack, Plus more tips from the latest issue!

Here’s a car rack that’s easy on the eyes and the budget. All you need is 48 x 8″ pre-finished shelf and two 48 x 5/8″ dowels.  Cut the dowels in 8″ lengths and paint them to match the shelf.  Use a 5/8″ spade but to drill holes for the dowels.  Space the holes 5.5″ [...]

Jul 18, 2013 Comments
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How To: Get the most out of your brushless motor!

How to understand brushless timing Brushless motors have completely taken over racing, and pretty much everyone has switched to brushless. Most racers are hitting tracks with sensored 17.5 brushless setups, but  unlike their brushed 27-turn “stock” predecessors, these motors allow you to change the motor’s timing. The only problem is that motor timing is still [...]

Jul 05, 2013 Comments
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Tip Of The Week: Easy Wheel Balancer

Make a quick and easy wheel balancer out of a worn-out wheel hub and axle, and then add a set of new bearings.  I like to use ceramic bearings because they are super smooth for balancing. Summited by Christopher Perkins, Houma, LA Do YOU have a Pit Tip for us? Share it now! You can [...]

Jun 27, 2013 Comments
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How To: Tune a Nitro Engine – Carb Tech Secrets Revealed!

By far the steepest learning curve for a nitro rookie is learning how to tune a carburetor. It can be awkward at first, but with a little effort, you’ll get it and never forget how to do it. Before we start adjusting needle valves, let’s consider the role of the carburetor and how it works. [...]

Jun 21, 2013 Comments
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