Pit Tips

Keychain wrench

Ever had to walk back to the pits for your kit’s 4-way wrench so you could tighten a loose wheel or adjust your slipper clutch? You’ll always have the tool handy if you drill a small hole near the center of your 4-way wrench and add it to your key chain. Now, whenever you have a wheel come loose, you won’t have to search for a wrench.

Frank Parks
Charlotte, NC

Sep 25, 2008 Comments
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Mud-free tires

Before a race, apply a light coat of cooking spray on your off-road tires to make them easier to clean after a race. The mud and dirt will be much easier to clean off.

Josh Nelson
Las Vegas, NV

Sep 24, 2008 Comments
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Make your own under-body lighting

You can make an inexpensive under-body lighting kit with a couple of LED lights (available at RadioShack or any electronics store) and a clear straw. Cut the straw to the desired length, and glue the LEDs to each end of the straw with Shoe-Goo. Wire the LEDs in parallel, and then solder a receiver connector to the wires. Glue the straw to the body, and plug the connector into the receiver’s battery port to activate the lights.

Larry DeMarco
Clarksville, TN

Jun 10, 2008 Comments
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Better-fitting bumper

If your touring car’s stock bumper does not reach the inside of the body, attach weather stripping to the bumper to fill the gap between the bumper and the body. This will prevent the body from deflecting at high speeds as well as cracks from developing on it.

Christian Salvon
San Diego, CA

Apr 23, 2008 Comments
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LST2 & Muggy 17mm wheel adapter

Jason Stevenson>>Alberta, Canada Team Losi LST2 and Muggy owners can install standard 17mm wheels by replacing the truck’s stock 22mm hubs with HPI Hellfire or Losi 8ight 17mm hubs. Use the stock setscrews to secure the drive pins that come with the hubs.

Mar 13, 2008 Comments
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Trading treads

To de-bond tires so you can reuse the rims, apply acetone to the glue joint with a cotton swab. This should weaken the glue enough so that you can peel off the old tires. Be careful though: acetone can also dissolve the finish on some wheels.Curtis Anson
Indianapolis, IN
Dec 30, 2006 Comments
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Revo air scoop

Here’s a great tip for Revo owners. The stock Revo body has an air scoop molded in its left side, and you can open it to provide additional engine cooling. Start the hole with a tapered reamer, and then enlarge it with a sanding-drum-equipped Dremel.Joe Nguyen
Cypress, TX
Dec 28, 2006 Comments
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Q-Tips tips

Cotton swabs are a great addition to your toolbox. You can use them to clean hard-to-reach areas on your car, like around the base of the carburetor and between wheel spokes. They?re also great for cleaning out brush hoods and applying comm drops.
Dec 28, 2006 Comments
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