Pit Tips

Prevent clutch slippage

After rebuilding a new clutch and replacing the bearings, clean the grease out of the rear bearing (closest to the clutch) with motor spray. Also, blow out the bearing with an air compressor if you can. This will greatly reduce the life of that bearing, but it will prevent the clutch from slipping because the grease was thrown out of the bearing during the first few tanks after you replaced it.
Apr 01, 2009 Comments
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Easy, accurate wheel alignment

If you use foam tires, you know that precise camber adjustment is required to ensure long and even tire wear. To properly set the camber on your car, draw a line across the tires? contact patches with a piece of chalk. Drive the car around the track for a few minutes, and then pull the car off the track and check the chalk. The chalk will show the contact patch the tires have with the track surface. If the chalk has worn away on the outside of a tire, shorten the camber rod slightly to increase negative camber. Do the opposite if the chalk has worn away on the inside of the tire.
Mar 21, 2009 Comments
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Tether YourTemp Gun

Pick up one of those recoil-type key-chain tethers and attach it to the loop on your gun. The gun will retract out of the way when it isn’t being used, and you won’t leave it on the pit table by mistake. Tony Caruso St. Louis, MO
Mar 06, 2009 Comments
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Increased fuel capacity

Jeremiah Wilhelm >> Rockingham, VA
If you compete at  events that do not
strictly enforce fuel-capacity rules and you?d like to increase your nitro vehicle?s run time, install two fuel filters and an extra-long piece of fuel tubing between the fuel tank and the carburetor. You?ll gain a minute or wo of run time.
Feb 28, 2009 Comments
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Protect your expensive hex wrenches

Slide fuel tubing over the tips of your hex wrenches to prevent them from getting banged up in your toolbox. The tubing will prolong the life of your wrenches.


Feb 27, 2009 Comments
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Pin those Powerholes

Instead of gluing powerpole connectors together with CA, just use a roll pin to prevent the halves from sliding apart. You?ll be able to easily separate the halves for individual replacement, and it?s just one less thing to superglue your fingers to.
Jan 16, 2009 Comments
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Manual Minder

Being organized is always a good thing, so every time you get a new RC car, three-hole punch the instruction manual and put it in a three-ring binder. Do the same to any supplemental sheets (such as parts lists). If you race, photocopy your setup sheets, and put them in a separate section of the binder.
Mark Ward
Orange Park, FL
Nov 09, 2008 Comments
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Longer-lasting off-road tires

Rotating your 4WD off-road buggy or truck’s tires after every two or three runs will make them last longer. Use a permanent marker to indicate the left front (L/F), right front (R/F), left rear (L/R) and right rear (R/R) tires. This will make keeping track of the tires much easier. Also, pay attention to how the tires are wearing, and adjust the camber to promote even tire wear across the tires’ contact patch. If the tires wear more on the inside, reduce the negative camber (make the turnbuckles longer). If they wear more on the outside, do the opposite by reducing the length of the turnbuckles, which increases negative camber.

Mark Hendrix
Atlanta, GA

Sep 25, 2008 Comments
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