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Takin’ it slow [Video of the Week]

Most of our featured videos are fast paced, with lots of action….this video is a little different, gives you a different perspective about RC Cars and RC Racing.  Check out this slow motion RC road cars. It’s actually a beautiful sight watching these cars flow like they do. Enjoy!

Mar 22, 2013 Comments
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HPI Kraken Baja Bashing Run [Video Of The Week]

Pretty sweet bash run of the Kraken Baja.  The driving in this video was great. Hope to see more videos like this come the spring time. You can check out the YouTube channel for ExtremeRCBashing

Mar 05, 2013 Comments
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Superb RC Car Drifting [Video of the Week]

I’m not sure who the driver behind the wheel/radio is, but wow is he a great drifter.  We see many drift videos on YouTube and around the web, but we don’t see too many compilations of drivers throwing different obstacles around and drifting in certain situations.  This video features the drifter sliding left and right [...]

Feb 28, 2013 Comments
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Jumps, Stunts and Bashing! [Video Of The Week]

A few friends got together in Russia this weekend and had a little bash session in the snow. Here is there outcome..Watch below. Remember you can send us your videos at; simply shoot us a link and we could pick your clip to be our video of the week!

Feb 19, 2013 Comments
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Sick RC Stunt Driving [Video Of The Week]

Although this clip is a few years old, we have yet to see any RC stunt devils put together such a crazy compilation of insane RC stunts like the guys that put together this video at XXX Main. Not to many drivers take their cars on the roads with full scale vehicles, but these guys [...]

Feb 06, 2013 Comments
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SKY CAR + Onboard Cam [Video Of The Week]

The Flying Sky Car is back. With a flying Traxxas E-Revo VXL and onboard cam we go bashing around at the large and famous Factory Skatepark in Dundee/Scotland. Due to stripped differential gears (listen closely, you can hear it!) we had to change to a Tamiya Fighter after about two battery packs. Check out our facebook [...]

Jan 28, 2013 Comments
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1/8 HPI KenBlock WR8 RC – Snow Rally [Video of the week]

We’ve seen a lot of videos of drivers taking their car out in the snow, but we haven’t seen to many of these kind of drift videos in the snow. Check out this 1/8 HPI KenBlock WR8 RC snow drift video below. Pretty sweet figure 8 slide in the middle of the video.  Check out [...]

Jan 09, 2013 Comments
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