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Video Of The Week: Drift Sessions RC Vol. 10

Can’t get enough of these drift videos, and it seems like they just keep getting better and better.  Check out this one created by Drift Sessions RC, a few drift cars doing their thing on an indoor track. The Cars, Track and Drifts in this video are very impressive. Take a look at more of [...]

May 17, 2013 Comments
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Video Of The Week: 4th Anniversary Drift Bash with oneTen Drift Crew

Much respect for the oneTEN Drift Network guys! This video shows what a well-organized club and dedicated members can do, not to mention some great drifting skills in full effect. Excellent driving, fluid camera work, and a soundtrack that brings the bass—consider us fans! Check out their YouTube Page – oneTen Drift Network

May 08, 2013 Comments
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360 RC Car Mount [Video Of The Week]

We’ve seen the Go Pro mounted on RC Cars before, but this is the first time we’ve had a video with a Go Pro attached to a 360 degree mount.  This view/angle on the car gives the video and viewers a new perspective. It’s sweet how the camera looks in place, while the car races [...]

Apr 24, 2013 Comments
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Downhill Buggy Jam [Video Of The Week]

The submissions are slowly coming in, and here is one of the latest submission from YouTube User IJumpRC .  Pretty sweet mix of bashing in some sweet locations. Another great video that you just have to watch.   Submit your videos to

Apr 16, 2013 Comments
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Fast & Furious 6 [Parody Trailer]

The good people at NitroRCX made one of the funniest parody videos of the year with this Fast & Furious 6 Trailer.  It surfaced on the web last week and we couldn’t pass up on sharing such a great video. If you haven’t seen it yet, then we don’t want to spoil it for ya, [...]

Apr 15, 2013 Comments
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Mad Drift 2.4ghz RC Car 1/10 Scale [Video Of The Week]

Check out this sweet drift video from YouTube user Alexander McC. We don’t see to many videos of 1/10 scale drifters, but here it is..   BONUS VIDEO: We have two videos for you this week, in this second one, a few guys take their cars to the park and send them into loops. Don’t get to [...]

Apr 11, 2013 Comments
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Spring Mix [Video Of The Week]

YouTube user SpeeedErik has put together this great mix.  The video is titled “Car Bashing and racing ~Lots of spring fun~” and it’s a great visual. Below the video is a list of the cars in the video. Spring started so it’s time to bash! Cars: -1:16 Traxxas E-Revo VXL with some upgrades, running on 7,2v [...]

Apr 03, 2013 Comments
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Slow-Mo Rock Crawling [Video Of The Week]

How best to immortalize an afternoon of rock crawling with your buddies? Get it on video by filming it from as low as possible, slow it down, and set it to the background music of a rad dubstep remix of a Pink Floyd song. Watch the local crew at Cutting Edge Hobbies in Las Vegas, [...]

Mar 28, 2013 Comments
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