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Pro Talk With MIP’s Eustace Moore Jr.

At the recent Short Course Showdown tour stop at S & N’s Trackside I got a chance to sit down and talk to Mr. MIP himself, Eustace Moore Jr.  MIP has been offering RC products for over 30 years now, and before Eustace formed the company in the late 1970′s he was an accomplished professional [...]

May 03, 2013 Comments
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Step-by-step Build: Associated B4.2 Factory Team [Part 1]

Word and Photos By Drew Trudeau The Associated B4.2 Factory Team kit takes a formidable buggy, the B4.1, and offers up all the best updates that Associated could throw into it.  The B4.2 is for those that are ready to enter into the gamut of serious racing with a competitive model that begs for the [...]

Apr 30, 2013 Comments
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How To: Build Shocks Like A Pro

PHOTOS HOPE McCALL CERTAIN SKILLS IN RC separate the pros from the Joes. One such task definitely is building shocks. Eventually, you will have to rebuild the shocks on your RTR, or you’ll have to build them for a kit. How well you perform this task will directly impact how well your vehicle performs on [...]

Apr 26, 2013 Comments
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360 RC Car Mount [Video Of The Week]

We’ve seen the Go Pro mounted on RC Cars before, but this is the first time we’ve had a video with a Go Pro attached to a 360 degree mount.  This view/angle on the car gives the video and viewers a new perspective. It’s sweet how the camera looks in place, while the car races [...]

Apr 24, 2013 Comments
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Online Coverage Of The 2013 Short Course Showdown Nationwide Tour #3 (VIDEOS ADDED)

Round 3 of the 2013 Short Course Showdown Nationwide Tour came back to where it all began in 2010 at S & N’s Trackside in Milwaukee, WI.  Race director Scotty Ernst and the entire Trackside crew put on another great event this weekend as we saw 168 entries competing in eight different classes: 5 & [...]

Apr 23, 2013 Comments
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RC Car Sets New Land Speed Record At 171mph!

Last December Nic Case’s custom built R/C Bullet (RCB) set a new land speed record at 171.96mph.  This purpose built vehicle weighed in at 11 lbs and produced an impressive 11 hp.  The RCB was powered by a 15 series NEU motor and 11 PowerEdge 5000mah LiPo batteries.  Nic also used a Castle Creations speed [...]

Apr 17, 2013 Comments
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Downhill Buggy Jam [Video Of The Week]

The submissions are slowly coming in, and here is one of the latest submission from YouTube User IJumpRC .  Pretty sweet mix of bashing in some sweet locations. Another great video that you just have to watch.   Submit your videos to

Apr 16, 2013 Comments
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Mad Drift 2.4ghz RC Car 1/10 Scale [Video Of The Week]

Check out this sweet drift video from YouTube user Alexander McC. We don’t see to many videos of 1/10 scale drifters, but here it is..   BONUS VIDEO: We have two videos for you this week, in this second one, a few guys take their cars to the park and send them into loops. Don’t get to [...]

Apr 11, 2013 Comments
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