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The 5 Most Important RC Vehicles of all Time

By Matt Higgins   What makes a vehicle more important than another is debatable. We based our picks on a few criteria. One was overall popularity. Second, is or was it a leader in a specific category or segment. Last, a vehicle rose in our rankings if it changed the hobby. Check out our picks. [...]

Jul 23, 2010 Comments
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Editors’ Picks: Best RC Innovations of All Time

Almost all hobbies improve from year to year, but like full-size motor sports, RC is highly competitive (on the racetrack and hobby-store shelves). As such, the innovations come out at an accelerated pace. Not only do we see refinements and improvements, but we are often treated to real innovations that change the hobby—sometimes drastically. Here are RC Car Action‘s editors and [...]

Jul 16, 2010 Comments
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5 Best Racers of All Time

Regardless of the sport, or hobby in this case, one of the most fun and frequent debates is who is the best of best. In the same way that there is no “right” answer to who’s the best QB (it’s Montana, by the way), hoops star (Jordan all the way) or hockey player (he might [...]

Jul 02, 2010 Comments
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Why The EU?

We contacted Losi to see why they produced the 8IGHT 2.0 EU specifically for the European market. Since Adam Drake is involved with everything nitro and racing at Losi he was a good source to find out more about the EU. Here are five quick questions with The Drake.      RCCA: What prompted doing [...]

Feb 17, 2010 Comments
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Radios Have Come A Long Way!

Radios have improved leaps and bounds in their 30-plus year history. Not long ago, RC car enthusiasts were using stick radios. Eventually those stick radios evolved into radios with wheels and triggers similar to what we use today. KO Propo has always been at the forefront of radio technology and this mock up of one [...]

Feb 12, 2010 Comments
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Host a Killer Rock Crawling Comp!

Rock crawling is fun to do in your backyard or at the local hot spots, but when you actually go out and compete, you take it to a whole new level. Rock crawling competitions are a total blast and really add to the enjoyment of this segment. Crawling over open rocks can be a challenge, [...]

Feb 04, 2010 Comments
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Become A Better Racer

                 Losi’s Adam Drake has had to work his way to the top of the nitro racing world. He admits that he doesn’t have the raw speed that some of the top pros have been blessed with. He sticks to a strict practice regime and focuses on mental [...]

Jan 28, 2010 Comments
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2009 ISC Ultimate Speed Challenge   Fontana, CA—it was a record-setting weekend at the 2009 ISC Ultimate Speed Challenge—in fact, 12 new records were set. Taking place at the Auto Club Speedway’s 1/4-mile drag strip on a sunny day in Southern California, competitors came from as far as Louisiana with one goal in mind: be the absolute fastest in [...]

Dec 01, 2009 Comments
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