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5 Ways to Take to the Air

By Jason Sams Getting into flying RC aircraft has never been easier. Today there are dozens of inexpensive options for RC enthusiasts who want to take to the sky. Thanks to several manufacturers that have designed RTF (ready-to-fly) planes and helicopters, you can be flying in minutes for as little as $100 bucks. The latest [...]

Nov 19, 2010 Comments
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Ultimate Project: Slay Bells Ring!

Santa gets a new ride from JKRC! By Kevin Jowett I’ve had this idea in my head since I watched the Blizzards on the slopes a few winters back. So this holiday season keep the kids in after dark….Santa’s running a new whip! For this build I used several of my favourite Xmas decorations from [...]

Nov 12, 2010 Comments
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5 Things Every RC Car Should Include

What Should Be In Every Box By Kevin Hetmanski We get a lot of different vehicles here at the RC Car Action office, and while the cars and trucks keep getting better and better, there are still times where we’re scratching our heads and wondering why some simple items aren’t included. It doesn’t matter if [...]

Oct 29, 2010 Comments
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Editors’ Picks: If You Could Have Only Three RC Cars

By the RC Car Action team As editors of RC Car Action, we are fortunate (and very appreciative, mind you) to have access to almost any RC car or truck out there. So, when the “If you could have only three RC cars, what would they be?” question was posed, we immediately and collectively said, [...]

Oct 15, 2010 Comments
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5 Best Action Videos

At RC Car Action, we’re into action. Hey, it’s in our name after all. We know you’re into it too, and one of the best ways we’ve found to bring you the goods is through video. Over the years, we’ve built an extensive library of action videos. Check out our top five action video picks. [...]

Aug 27, 2010 Comments
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5 Great Buys Under $200

This hobby costs less than you thought! By Matt Higgins “This hobby ain’t cheap.” It’s been said often and to a large degree it’s true. Hobby-grade RC is high quality and high performance and that costs money. That said, RC is far less expensive than other popular hobbies and interests such as video games (those [...]

Aug 20, 2010 Comments
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HPI Mini-Trophy Truck: Exclusive Interview With The Designer

You can appreciate how scale the HPI Mini-Trophy Truck is when you see it parked in front of the real deal.   By Matt Higgins The HPI Mini-Trophy Truck was designed by HPI Racing USA’s Hidekazu “Ito” Nishine. Ito has designed the legendary Savage monster truck as well as the popular Wheely King and Crawler [...]

Aug 05, 2010 Comments
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RC’s Top Designs

The Best Engineering In Each Category By Matt Higgins Hobby-grade RC vehicles are marvels of engineering. Even in the “early” days, RC cars have had surprisingly impressive designs and features. Remember the Tamiya Avante? The buggy was actually ahead of its time in the truest sense of the phrase. And, because the RC car hobby [...]

Jul 30, 2010 Comments
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