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5 Mistakes You’re Making

  Odds are no matter how much experience you have, you–yes, you–are making most, if not all, of these mistakes. Take a look and see how good you really are. Even if you are blowing it on all five mistakes, at least now you know. Change your ways and your equipment will work better, last [...]

Apr 01, 2011 Comments
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Top 10 Pit Tips

  1. A graphite chassis is a huge performance booster, but it can also cause serious radio-glitching problems if your antenna wire comes in contact with the graphite. To prevent this from happening, use a piece of heat-shrink tubing to further insulate the antenna where it touches the graphite. Just cut the correct length needed [...]

Mar 25, 2011 Comments
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14 Things You Didn’t Know About RC

We are lucky enough to have a lot of RC vehicles come across our desks and we’ve each been in this great hobby for a long time. One of our frequent office conversations is about where things got started. For example, what company came out with the first ball differential or where did CA glue [...]

Mar 25, 2011 Comments
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Ten Tips to Get That Engine Running

Nitro engines aren’t a plug and play deal like brushless power and because of that, time needs to be spent tuning and trouble shooting them in order to enjoy your time with them. These engines are very simple machines and don’t require much to run. If it’s getting air, fuel and spark, the engine will [...]

Mar 11, 2011 Comments
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7 Ways to Go Faster (Nitro Edition)

We recently showed you how to get the most speed out of your electric vehicle with our “7 Ways to go Faster (Electric Edition)” Online Exclusive article. Now, we’ve shifted gears and moved onto nitro power. When bashing with your buddies, speed is king and I am here to show you how to get the [...]

Feb 25, 2011 Comments
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RC’s Biggest Trends

  What’s hot and what’s not By Matt Higgins Trends come and go. It’s true in the mainstream world and just as true in RC. Some categories in our hobby have stood the proverbial test of time and transcended the “trend” designation. Two prime examples are monster trucks and 1/8-scale off-road racing. They might rise [...]

Feb 23, 2011 Comments
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7 Ways to Go Faster (Electric Edition)

One of the most popular subjects in RC is speed. Experienced hobbyists love to point how the only two questions the uninitiated have when they see an RC running are: how fast and how much? Going fast isn’t just on the mind of newbs. Truth be told, we’re all interested in going faster. Racers quickly point out that it’s [...]

Feb 12, 2011 Comments
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Track Talk: What the Heck is Everyone Talking About?

Going to a race for the first time can be confusing. Are these guys talking a whole new language or what? Sometimes you don’t even have to be the new guy (that’s newb or noob, depending on the person) to be out of the lingo loop. If you’ve been running nitro for years, all the [...]

Jan 22, 2011 Comments
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