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How-To Desert Truck Conversion

Here are some bonus photos of our How-To Desert Truck Conversion article featured in the Desert & Off-road special issue.

East End Machining Hop-ups

This reverse triangulation skidplate is made out of delrin and mounts your links on the inside of the chassis to prevent getting hung up on rocks. It includes all necessary hardware and bolts directly to all the Axial AX10 line of crawlers. Reverse triangulation skidplates allow your crawler to have proper suspension geometry and articulate […]

RC4WD X-Lock 2.2″ Rock Crawling Tires

  RC4WD has been involved with rock crawling from the start and continually comes up with a ton of new products every day. After a number of scale tires, RC4WD has decided to hit the comp market with their newest tire, the X-Lock. Measuring it at a whopping 5.5” tall, the X-Locks are made with […]

Pro-Line 1.9″ Chisel Rock Crawling Tire

  Like the larger 2.2-inch version, the new 1.9-inch Chisel rock crawling tire is molded in Pro-Line’s exclusive G8 compound. This compound was developed specifically for crawling and offers solid traction and an extended tread life. The 1.9 Chisel features additional sipes and tread enhancements over the 2.2-inch version that should help in side hilling […]

JConcepts RocX 2.2″ Crawler Tires

The JConcepts RocX crawler tires are the newest tires offered from JConcepts and are made for 2.2 competition-level rock crawling. They are the first truly directional tires that are marked L and R for proper tread direction. The tires are a sticky green compound and come with peach-colored, medium-density memory foams. They are made for […]

Traxxas Power Cell Batteries

Traxxas has released their newest NiMH batteries to compliment their full line of electric vehicles. These come in a shotgun stick pack and are offered as 6-cell, or a 7-cell hump pack, and are compatible with almost every electric Traxxas vehicle on the market today. The hump pack will not fit in the E-maxx, E-Revo, […]

Venom Pro Charger with Power Supply

The Venom Pro Charger is designed to be a do-it-all workhorse and, as such, is capable of charging almost every type of battery. It supports Ni-Cd, NiMH, LiPo, Li-ON/Li-FE and lead acid batteries. I tested it by charging a range of batteries from 1/10-scale racing packs to 1/8-scale starter-box gel-cells. The Venom Pro Charger is […]

A123 Racing Nanophosphate Lithium-Ion Batteries

When I received the A123 batteries, I wasn’t exactly sure which vehicles to use them in, as they have a unique voltage and size. I decided to take them home and look around my collection and see what would be the best fit. Thankfully, a couple of vehicles popped out right away. The 1100mAh battery […]

Tricked-Out XTM Rage

The XTM Rage is a 1/18-scale 4WD monster truck. It’s fully ready-to-run and includes everything you need—battery, charger, truck and even AA batteries for the transmitter. It’s a great little truck, and its plush suspension system has two shocks on each wheel, aggressive tires and a sturdy construction. It’s a fun vehicle out of the […]

DuraTrax Onyx 230 Advanced AC/DC Charger

In RC, it used to be a NiCd and NIMH world and all you needed was one charger for both cell types. These days, however, most people use NiMH and LiPo battery packs, and these cell chemistries require very different charging methods. This means that you need two chargers or need to spend a good […]

Hudy Tools Review

  Whether you are maintaining your vehicle or putting one together, having high quality tools make these tasks much easier. There are so many different brands of tools on the market that someone can get lost trying to choose which to buy. Today we are looking at Hudy’s lineup of tools; let’s have a look […]

Pro-Line Hammer Tire Test in G8 Compound

      There are number of rock crawling tires, all in different sizes, compounds and treads. The past couple of days I have been testing one of the newest tires on the market, Pro-Line’s Hammer in its new G8 compound. The Pro-Line Hammer tire is one of Pro-Line’s most successful rock crawling tires, which […]
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