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Ditch that rattle can

I am not an artist. I have practically no artistic ability, and I can’t paint to save my life.  If you asked me to draw a scenic landscape, it would probably end up being a bunch of little stick men with rifles blowing each other up…  similar to what I might have produced in the [...]

Jun 04, 2011 Comments
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Packing for Bashing—What to Bring

“Bashing” refers to driving your RC car in places other than the track. While some racers think the only place to have fun is on a well-manicured track, the fact is that most RC cars never see the track and spend their lives on the bashing paths. Although it is commonly called “backyard bashing,” there [...]

Jun 03, 2011 Comments
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Bringing your nitro car out of storage

It is official; nitro racing season is here! For many, it is time to bring out their nitro cars and trucks from winter hibernation. It seems strange, but over the months of sitting around, things start to go bad in many areas of your car. Before your fire-up your nitro vehicle for the first time [...]

May 29, 2011 Comments
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RC Car Action Readers’ Rides: 8 Steps to Get In

“Readers Rides” is one of the most popular columns in the magazine, and we receive a lot of mail and emails with your vehicles every day. While we’d love to share each and every submission, often we can’t always show vehicles because of the [poor] quality of the photos that were provided. Taking photos of [...]

May 23, 2011 Comments
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How to: Create an Awesome Rock Crawling Course

The task before you is to design an awesome rock crawling course. Seems simple, right? Well, I can assure you, based on my observations, this task isn’t so simple. I’ve been to tiny grassroots level local comps right on up to the Nationals. I’ve been to indoor comps and, of course, outdoor comps. I certainly [...]

May 06, 2011 Comments
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Team Associated Richard Saxton’s Top Racing Tips

Team Associated’s Richard Saxton is a national champion and serves as a coach and mentor to many of the best drivers in RC such as Ryan Cavalieri and Ryan Maifield. As a team leader, his experience helps many drivers win big and helps him stay competitive. Here are some of his top tips for racing success: > [...]

Apr 29, 2011 Comments
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How to Shut Down Your Nitro Engine

Nitro-powered RC vehicles attract a lot of people because of the sound of the engine and smell of the exhaust. Everyone who owns a nitro vehicle knows how to start it. There are a few ways to start an engine, but each vehicle only has one or two ways to make that happen and you [...]

Apr 25, 2011 Comments
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Five easy steps to a perfectly tuned engine

Nitro engines often need fine adjustment of the carburetor in order to get the most out of the engine and to avoid possible damage. Weather conditions and other variables can affect the tune so it’s a good idea to check the tune on your nitro engine when you fire it up for a day of [...]

Apr 04, 2011 Comments
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