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How to be a Better Turn Marshal

Often overlooked and frequently dreaded, turn marshalling is a very important part of racing. Although in a perfect world nobody would ever crash during a race, the reality is that crashing, flipping your car and getting pinned into the wall can happen numerous times during a race, and it is every turn marshal’s responsibility to [...]

Mar 12, 2012 Comments
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Know your glue

I know what you’re thinking.  What in the world could I possibly tell you about glue that you don’t already know?  Yes, it comes in tubes and makes things stick together, but it’s not quite that simple.  There are many different types of adhesives out there, and each has its place in the world of [...]

Mar 09, 2012 Comments
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Online review LRP USB Bridge

Updating speed control profiles has become all the rage t hese days allowing users to set their ESC’s to the same trims and setting the pros use in major races. LRP has released its USB Bridge which allows users to link up their SXX and iX8 speed controls to their Mac or PC and install [...]

Jan 01, 2012 Comments
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9 Easy Soldering Tips

Soldering is one of those tasks that you either really enjoy or greatly despise; RC maintenance is often like that. Even if you are a nitro guy, soldering comes-up more than you’d think, and if you run electric, soldering is a vital necessity. Most beginners—and some veterans—are intimidated by soldering jobs, but if you keep [...]

Oct 12, 2011 Comments
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How to be a Better Racer in 3 Easy Steps

I don’t claim to be the best racer, but I’ve been around long enough to see what works and what doesn’t. Here are some timeless tips that I flat out guarantee will make you a faster racer. 1. Slow Down: The number one reason I see people going slow around a track (i.e. not winning) is [...]

Sep 28, 2011 Comments
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10 Tips For the Perfect Build

Even in this RTR age we’re in, there’s still a whole lot of building going on in RC. There are still plenty of kits and lots of hop-ups and modifications that can be done to pre-built vehicles. Wrenching is easy. Anyone one can throw a kit together and go race. And, anyone can slap some aluminum goodies [...]

Sep 27, 2011 Comments
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ROAR 2011 1/8 Electric Off-Road Nationals: Tebo Sweeps Truggy And Buggy

The finals for the 2011 ROAR 1/8 Electric Off-Road Nationals were held Sunday at the HobbyTown USA HobbyPlex in Omaha, NE.  Kyosho pilot Jared Tebo swept the ROAR 1/8 Fuel Off-Road Nationals last year in Colorado Springs, CO and he has done it again, but this time on the electric side. In the Pro 1/8 [...]

Sep 12, 2011 Comments
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13-Upgrades for Under $50

Although you can easily spend hundreds of dollars on a single RC upgrade, there are numerous upgrades that you can make without breaking the bank. Sure, brushless motor systems, fully-digital transmitters, 11.1V LiPos and race-tuned nitro engines are among the most expensive and sought-after products, but there are actually tons of upgrades that can be [...]

Aug 15, 2011 Comments
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