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Aaron Bailey’s Real-Rust Rat Wraith [Reader's Ride]

Aaron Bailey has a fondness for metal-bodied trucks. A few months back he sent us pics of his Tonka truck/Ascender conversion. This time it’s an Axial Wraith 1.9 clad in minimalist metal panels bolted to the tube frame for a decidedly rat-rod look. The panels are steel sheet, weathered with a “special potion” of Aaron’s [...]

Sep 22, 2015 Comments
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Surf’s Up Traxxas Slash C-10 [Reader's Ride]

This Chevy C-10 built by Robert Stallings has us yearning for beach weather again. This Slash 4×4-based truck is decked out with scale surfboards and fishing rods that he custom crafted himself, along with the surf rack and the front bumper. The boards are balsa wood sanded to a fine finish. The bumper, rack and [...]

Sep 21, 2015 Comments
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SCX10-based Croc Hunter Land Cruiser [Reader's Ride]

Wesley Steinke’s truck started off as an Axial SCX10 Honcho, but with a donor body from a Crocodile Hunter toy truck, it’s now a beautifully detailed Toyota Land Cruiser 70 UTE complete with a reworked drivetrain to accommodate the body’s shorter wheelbase. The upper and lower links and MIP driveshafts were cut down, re-centered and [...]

Sep 14, 2015 Comments
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Mike MacKenzie’s Awesome Metal Mulisha Replica [Reader’s Ride]

This sweet monster truck was sent to us by Mike MacKenzie from Westboro, MA. He said that it started life as an HPI Wheely King and with many modifications it has been turned into the Monster Jam World Finals champ Metal Mulisha. The body was painted by Terry Plum of The Monster Factory and looks [...]

Aug 24, 2015 Comments
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Picturesque Tamiya Clod Buster by Scott DelFino [Reader's Ride]

There are many ways to get your rig into Reader’s Rides. A cool truck or car is a must, of course. But killer photos are just as key, and Scott DelFino’s scenic sunset snaps of his Tamiya Clod Buster on a Florida beach jumped out at us immediately. Scott’s ‘Buster is mostly stock and very [...]

Aug 10, 2015 Comments
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Custom SWB Vaterra Twin Hammers by Ronald Martin [Reader's Ride]

Ronald Martin’s bug-bodied Twin Hammers is a perfect reminder of how modest beginnings can lead to great results. He tells us that this project all started with a donated spare parts chassis he inherited from a friend. He dug into his own stash of leftover parts to put the basic foundation together. He had some [...]

Aug 03, 2015 Comments
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Maxxed out Traxxas T-Maxx by Rob DeLeon [Reader's Ride]

This Traxxas T-Maxx started life like any other, but Rob DeLeon (of Bakersfield, CA) soon lost control of his investment. Nearly $3,000 later he has the truck you see before you: the Supermaxx—which he has now owned for 15 years and he has been upgrading it fairly continuously all along. It has an Unlimited Engineering [...]

Jul 29, 2015 Comments
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Tamiya Mountaineer Survivor by Kyle Taylor [Reader's Ride]

Kyle Taylor sent us pictures of his Tamiya Mountaineer which he bought and built way back in 1993. The truck looks pretty mint for being old enough to legally buy a beer! (You know — if RC trucks could drink beer…or buy stuff.) It even still has the original RS-750-SH motor and transmission. Kyle upgraded [...]

Jul 20, 2015 Comments
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