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How To: Rebuild Your Car [June Preview]

Fix it right every time Words Jay Kennedy Repairing and rebuilding your RC car or truck is something we all have to do at some point.  Erich is always telling me, “You’re not having fun until you break something.” In the event that you do end up breaking you car, you might find that it’s [...]

Apr 23, 2013 Comments
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Pit Tips: Works Like Magic! [June]

Works Like Magic: When body and chassis parts get really dirty, I use a Mr.Clean Magic Eraser to get them looking new again.  This works particularly well for 1/8-scale wings where dirt can get crammed into the corners and scratches. Kerry Burch – Charlotte, NC   To view all the Pit Tips from the June issue [...]

Apr 18, 2013 Comments
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Readers’ Ride: Customized Kyosho Mini-Z [June]

Customized Kyosho Mini-Z: In case you couldn’t tell, Brad is a huge fan of the 1983 Stephen King chiller Christine.  To pay tribute to his favorite flick, Brad stretched a Kyosho Mini-Z chassis and used the body and wheels from an Ertl model 1958 Plymouth Fury to make it look just like the car in the [...]

Apr 18, 2013 Comments
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Facebook Look-In [June 2013]

The June issue of RC Car Action hits the stands tomorrow, however if you are Digital/Membership subscriber then you have a head start, you may start viewing the issue today. [Click "Full Access" Link Below] Don’t worry if you’re not though, we the good people at RC Car Action are giving you guys an exclusive [...]

Apr 15, 2013 Comments
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How To: Break In A Nitro Motor [May Preview]

How To Break In A Nitro Motor – Use The Track – Tested Bess Method By Lito Reyes If you’re a nitro-head like most of us at RC Car Action, there’s one thing you absolutely can’t avoid—breaking in your engine. A lot of mills have come through our offices and needless to say, we’ve heard [...]

Apr 04, 2013 Comments
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Big Tips For Small Trucks [Short Course Newz Preview]

by Jeremy Losaw When people think short course, they are usually talking about 1/10 scale, if not 1/8, or even 1/5 scale, but there is another breed of SCT that can be just as exciting to drive.  The 1/16- and 1/18-scale minis are small, light and fast, but requires a little bit of different tuning [...]

Mar 27, 2013 Comments
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Traxxas Slash 4×4 Ultimate

PHOTOS JASON BOULANGER AND HOPE MCCALL THE RETURN OF THE KING Without question, the Traxxas Slash is the king of all short course trucks. It’s wildly popular both with bashers and racers looking to get into SC racing and set the stage for the biggest RC craze in modern times. With that said, the Slash [...]

Mar 25, 2013 Comments
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Readers’ Ride: Custom Works Outlaw [May]

Custom Works Outlaw: This killer-looking CW sprint car runs on the asphalt at Hobby Central in Pensacola, FL, and is John’s tribute to his father Jack who used to race full-size midgets and sprints.  John decked his Outlaw out with every Custom Works upgrade and powered it with a Novak 10.5 Ballistic brushless motor and Edge [...]

Mar 21, 2013 Comments
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