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Readers’ Rides: Duratrax Ultima Pro XL [June 2012]

Duratrax Ultima Pro XL: This ride from Scott Chapman takes vintage RC to a whole new level.  He started out with a Duratrax Ultima Pro XL that he shortened, customized and painted on the chassis.  He bolted up a custom painted Tamiya SRB front suspension and fitted the buggy with Kyosho Triumph and the battery [...]

Apr 27, 2012 Comments
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Pit Tips: Radio ID [May 2012]

Radio ID: Many racers use the same brand of transmitter at my track. Therefore I wrap a colored hair tie around my transmitter so I can find it easily in a crowd. Julian Dayal – College Park, MD For more Pit Tips, check out page 24 in this month’s issue of RC Car Action.

Apr 17, 2012 Comments
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Exclusive Traxxas Funny Car

Get the holeshot! No one was thinking about radio control short-course trucks until Traxxas launched the Slash. No one was considering a 100mph RTR until Traxxas dropped the XO-1 on us. And while it wouldn’t be fair to say no one has been thinking of RC drag cars until now (the RC drag niche has [...]

Apr 13, 2012 Comments
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Pit Tips: Silver Back [April 2012]

Silver Back: I like to use pearl and candy colors for my paint schemes. I’ve found that using silver and gold paint as a backing color makes the colors brighter and richer. Mike Starkey – Zanesville, OH For more Pit Tips, check out page 26 in this month’s issue of RC Car Action.

Apr 02, 2012 Comments
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Readers’ Rides: Kyosho Turbo Scorpion [May 2012]

Kyosho Turbo Scorpion: HOLY ACTION! James Knight of Sherman Oaks, CA, was so excited about this shot that he totally forgot to tell us anything about his car.  Our guess would be that James likes to rip up and down the beaches of sunny California with his vintage Turbo Scorpion and from the looks of [...]

Mar 29, 2012 Comments
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Readers’ Rides: Traxxas Stampede [April 2012]

Traxxas Stampede: Now this is one trick Traxxas Stampede. Marc loves playing on the ice and he’s modified his truck so it gets better grip on the slippery stuff.  The front steering blocks and skies are handmade so don’t bother looking for them at your local hobby shop.  Metal spikes in the rear tires tear [...]

Mar 29, 2012 Comments
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Pit Tips: Even Wear [March 2012]

Even Wear: Tires on a 4WD car or truck will wear unevenly if left on the same corner of the car for too long.  If you run the same compound tread for all four tires, rotate your tires to get more life from them. Matt Weinstein – Black Forrest, CO For more Pit Tips, check [...]

Mar 28, 2012 Comments
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Duratrax Evader Brushless

When it comes to bashing, having the fastest truck, the one that jumps the highest, hits the hardest and runs through anything is sure to make you the top dog in the neighborhood. The Duratrax Evader, with its track-worthy handling to its performance-minded configurations, is one of the oldest and most respected names in bashing. [...]

Mar 19, 2012 Comments
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