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Tekno RC EB48

This ain’t no conversion kit When you think of Tekno RC, your mind likely goes to brushless buggy conversions and driveshaft kits.  This “First Look” review focuses on a much more complicated project than a brushless conversion for an existing nitro 1/8-scale buggy.  The EB48 is Tekno’s very first full car kit—a vehicle designed from the [...]

Aug 16, 2012 Comments
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Pit Tip: Chassis Spanx [October 2012]

I use a pair of worn-out pantyhose for a chassis cover. The nylon fits snugly over the chassis, keeps most of the dirt out, and allows the heat from the motor and ESC to escape.  Gerry Glenn  Latham, NY See more pit tips in the October issue of RC Car Action.

Aug 15, 2012 Comments
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Car Action Exclusive- Inside Look At Ty Tessman’s ROAR Championship Sweeping Vehicles

Ty Tessman dominated the ROAR Off-road Fuel Nationals last month in Pennsylvania and we got an exclusive up close and personal with Ty and both of his Hotbodies vehicles he used to win. Ty and his father Gord are notorious for building one off parts and testing some top secret stuff for HB. Here’s a [...]

Aug 10, 2012 Comments
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Readers’ Rides: Traxxas E-Maxx [September 2012]

                Traxxas E-Maxx: Joe has us all seeing red with this amazing E-Maxx with an Ultimate Engineering Super Maxx conversation.  He spent the last couple of years collecting parts to build this truck using an insane amount of UE aluminum parts.  Inside, a Hitec 5990TG servo steers all [...]

Aug 02, 2012 Comments
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Pit Tips: Fluffed Foam [September 2012]

Tire foam inserts have a tendency to come out of the package with a crease in them. I have found that putting them in the dryer for a few minutes gets rid of the creases, and gets them back to their original shape. It also makes trimming them easier, too. Rob Langone ›› Clarksville, TN

Aug 01, 2012 Comments
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Pit Tips: Stuck Screw [September 2012]

When I have a socket-head screw that is stripped out, I take a rotary tool with a cutoff wheel and make a small slot on the head of the screw. Then, I can use a flat-head screwdriver to remove the screw. Manny Thompson ›› Escondido, CA

Aug 01, 2012 Comments
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Smoke Show – Team Associated SC10GT

words Kevin Hetmanski  Photos Hope Mccall The SC10 is one of Team Associated’s most popular vehicles. It offers up great performance,  lots of tuning options and great looks that are appealing to both racers and bashers. A lot of the DNA of the SC10 is borrowed from the company’s T4 2WD off-road electric truck. Naturally, [...]

Jul 16, 2012 Comments
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Pit Tips: Cool It Down [August 2012]

              Cool It Down: I always keep a fan in my toolbox.  This helps me cool down my motor between runs quickly and it’s also nice to have on hand to keep myself cool during the heat of the summer. Chris Tompkins – La Quinta, CA For more Pit [...]

Jul 05, 2012 Comments
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