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Pit Tips: Quick Pins [May]

Quick Pins: Losing body pins can be one of the most frustrating things to happen during a day out with an RC car.  To keep my pins from getting lost, I glue a small magnet to my body.  When I remove the pins, I just put them on the magnet so they do not get lost. [...]

Mar 21, 2013 Comments
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Outdoor Arsenal! [May Look Inside]

The May issue of RC Car Action hits the stands today, and Horizon Hobby’s Vaterra RTR Lineup covers this month’s issue.  Take a look at the 16 page preview of the latest issue. CLICK HERE

Mar 18, 2013 Comments
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The Return Of The King [April Sneak Peek]

Without question, the Traxxas Slash is the king of all short course trucks.  It’s wildly popular both with bashers and racers looking to get into SC racing and set the stage for the biggest RC craze in modern times.  With that said, the Slash 4×4 Ultimate has always reigned supreme as the most cutting-edge, feature-filled [...]

Mar 12, 2013 Comments
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Pit Tips: Second Life [April]

Second Life: When the pins wear out on my off-road tires, I do not throw them away immediately.  I save in a special box and when I need to make some shakedown runs in my asphalt driveway or I want to do some pavement running, I do not have to burn out my good dirt tires. [...]

Feb 19, 2013 Comments
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Readers’ Ride: Tamiya Fast Attack [April]

Tamiya Fast Attack Vehicle: Scott’s Tamiya buggy is a combination of stuff from the Tamiya lineup.  He started with a Fast Attack Vehicle for the base and added parts and queues from the Wild Willy and San Scorcher as well.  After painting it  up in Sand Scorcher colors, he added details to the buggy to give [...]

Feb 19, 2013 Comments
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How To: GO RACING [April Sneak Peek]

First-timer tips for joining the racing scene Each person’s first race experience is very different. I’ve been fortunate to have two first race days … let me explain. My son, who has been interested in RC almost since birth, decided he wanted to try racing after spending a few years driving around the yard or [...]

Feb 14, 2013 Comments
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Readers’ Ride Of The Year [March Sneak Peek]

By Michael Wortel Since its inception, “Readers’ Rides” has been one of the most popular and coveted columns of RC Car Action. It is always exciting to see readers’ contributions to the RC community, and “Readers’ Rides” gives everyone an opportunity to exercise their RC pride. Scale RC builds have always been on the radar, [...]

Feb 06, 2013 Comments
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Project On Road Racer

Just as radically as RC car designs have evolved over the hobby’s roughly 40-year existence, so has the end user’s experience and expectations. Our industry’s pioneers were typically tasked to hand-fit and modify parts to assemble their kits, piecing them together over the course of several evenings hunched over an old bath towel covering the [...]

Jan 31, 2013 Comments
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