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Traxxas Nitro Slash – World Exclusive!

What could make driving the Traxxas Slash an even more authentic replication of door-banging TORC Series action? Adding a screaming nitro engine to match the V8 roar of the Pro-2 class! The Readers’ Choice award-winning TRX 3.3 fire breather pushes this latest addition to Traxxas’ short course truck lineup to a top speed of 50+ [...]

Dec 03, 2012 Comments by
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2012 IFMAR 1/8-Scale Off Road World Championships are almost here!

We’re just days away from the official start of the IFMAR World Championships for 1/8-scale nitro off-road buggy, which has grown to be one of the most competitive classes on an international scale. Every two years, the fastest nitro off-road buggy racers in the world convene in a different continent to compete for the most [...]

Nov 30, 2012 Comments by
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2015 IFMAR EP Off-Road Worlds: A Look At the 4WD Buggy Track Layout [VIDEO]

With 2WD buggy in the history books, attention has switched to the 4WD Buggy class at the 2015 IFMAR EP Off-Road Worlds. One of the important things at the event is the new layout that was changed for the fast 4WD buggies (some areas remain the same). Keeping in line with all IFMAR EP Off-Road [...]

Oct 08, 2015 Comments by
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Hitec introduces D-Series Dynamo Servos And DPC-11 Universal Programming Interface

Hitec has recently introduced their new D-Series Dynamo line and it has a wide range of servos that are sure to be a good fit for any vehicle in your lineup. Speaking of servos, most companies offer programmers that allow you to alter the settings in your vehicle’s speed control but Hitec has one for [...]

Oct 08, 2015 Comments by
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Pull a Wheelie While Hydroplaning? That’s Unpossible! [VIDEO]

They say bumble bees shouldn’t be able to fly according to the laws of physics, and we’re betting science says you can’t pull wheelies on water. Because, uh, surface tension and stuff. But apparently, you can. PROOF: Headline inspired by Ralph Wiggum.

Oct 07, 2015 Comments by
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New Gear In Motion from Dromida, Revell, and Tactic [VIDEO]

Here’s the latest clips for the dart-shooting Dromida Wasteland, Revell’s new Modzilla MT 1/18, and Tactic’s interesting and inexpensive ($70) Drone View camera–which you can stick on anything, not just drones.

Oct 07, 2015 Comments by
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Axial to Introduce A Dirt Bike?

The only information we have is this photo and a post from Axial’s twitter page saying “Who is ready for the weekend? GET READY big news on Friday.” If you look at that skinny tire and rim closely it looks like something that would be found on a dirt bike. So what do you think? [...]

Oct 07, 2015 Comments
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Yokomo Announces All New YZ4

With the IFMAR World Championship underway it’s not unusual to see new vehicles hitting the track. A big one on the list for this year’s event is an all new belt driven 4WD buggy from Yokomo with the YZ4 name tag. The buggy features an aluminum plate chassis that can accept various battery configurations and [...]

Oct 06, 2015 Comments
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