Stephen Bess

Five Things I Don’t Get

I’ll be honest, there’s a handful LOTS of things I don’t get in this world, but my blog today focuses on the top 5 things in RC that I just don’t get.  Take my list with a grain of salt.  I’ve been in RC a long time…a loooong time…but these head-scratchers always make me pause [...]

May 03, 2011 Comments
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Race Season Is Back Again

I hate the winter season.  I wish I were more accepting of terrible weather, but I’m not.  I prefer warm temperatures over cold weather.  I prefer clear, blue days over gray, depressing skies.  I prefer sunlight to darkness…and when it gets dark at 5PM, I know I’m having my winter blues.  Sure, a So Cal [...]

Apr 28, 2011 Comments
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RCX Is Finally Here!

It’s Thursday, March 17th and RCX is only 2 days away.  I’ve attended this RCX since its inception in 2003, but this will be my first time attending as part of the Air Age/RCX team.  Obviously I’m very excited. The entire RC Car Action and Air Age Media team will be there at the Pomona [...]

Mar 17, 2011 Comments
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Is It The Shoes?

I may show my age here, but do any of you remember the video game “NBA Jam”? Arguably one of the best arcade and console games of the mid-90′s, NBA Jam had a thrilling gameplay style and a mind boggling commentary for its time.  The sports commentators would call the video game’s action just like [...]

Feb 28, 2011 Comments
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Let’s Learn From Our Mistakes

“Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.” Someone much wiser than I said this phrase many ages ago, and it applies directly to politics, engineering, life in general, and of course, RC.  With participant turn-over rate in RC that’s remarkably high–ie, our hobby has more new RC’ers each year than those who stay [...]

Jan 26, 2011 Comments
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Custom Tools + Me = Total RC Geekdom

I remember the first time I laid eyes on a set of Hudy Professional tools in the pits–it was many, MANY years ago (maybe a over a decade ago?!) and Mark Pavidis was wrenching on his buggy.  Among the symphony of movements Mark made as he wrenched on his cars sat these black anodized tools, [...]

Jan 17, 2011 Comments
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Pro Contracts & Salaries…Do You Care?

There was an interesting topic of discussion last week on a popular R/C message board—the topic of professional R/C racer salaries and contracts.  In fact, R/C driver contracts seemed to be the topic du’jour last week as many pro racers “re-signed” their contracts and commitments for the 2011 racing season.  Each day, another high profile [...]

Jan 11, 2011 Comments
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Clear Rules Create Clear Advantages

I’m an avid club racer.  Lucky for me, my local track is Hot Rod Hobbies in Saugus, California, and it’s one of the finest club racing facilities anywhere in the state.  At Hot Rods, they average 40+ short-course entries every single Tuesday—on average!—and regularly get as many as 70 SC entries.  So what’s the secret [...]

Jan 06, 2011 Comments
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