Stephen Bess

It’s The Mechanical Aspect That Gets Me Every Time

What does it mean to be a gearhead, a mechanic, or a wrencher?  It usually means you’re into disassembling things to see how they work, and then reassembling them again. I know this was the case for me at an early age.  I enjoyed tearing things apart–household items like radios, toasters (sorry mom), clocks and [...]

Sep 20, 2011 Comments
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Late Summer Reading & Movie Suggestions

As the racing season is winding down this fall, it can be difficult to go cold-turkey on RC racing.  For those of you who still have the racing itch and want to read a good book (you know…reading…books…they’re like magazines, only bigger) and watch a good movie, I have two suggestions for you. Both of [...]

Sep 06, 2011 Comments
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HPI Savage Flux Video–”The Movie!”

Check out this awesome video created by an HPI fan–it’s edited to look like a movie, and he does quite a job showing off the Savage Flux’s performance capabilities. If watching this video doesn’t make you want to go outside and bash with a monster truck, we suggest checking your pulse! Click below & enjoy!

Aug 31, 2011 Comments
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When You’re Not RC’ing, Go Ride!

I’ve recently resumed another pastime of mine, riding bikes, as a healthy and fun alternative to racing RC cars.  The bike in question is a Redline road bike, and thanks to the city of Santa Clarita where I live, I have miles and miles of dedicated biking paths available to me. I’m certainly not the [...]

Aug 29, 2011 Comments
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Traxxas After Run Maintenance – Waterproof Vehicles

Is there anything more fun than running an RC car during a rainy day without worrying about electrical problems?  With waterproof Traxxas vehicles like the Slash, a rainy day will never stop you from getting your RC fix.  But what should you do after you’ve finished running in wet conditions?  Just toss the truck into [...]

Aug 26, 2011 Comments
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We are racing this weekend!

I’m a the home office this week in Connecticut, visiting the Air Age office for a few days of work and then several days of RACING! Matt Higgins, Kevin Hetmanski and I will be racing the 2011 RC Short Course Nationals at RC Madness.  Talk about the Car Action editors’ showdown!  We are very excited [...]

Aug 24, 2011 Comments
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On The Road Again…

Tomorrow I fly out of sunny So Cal and head to the other side of the country…like, the entire way across, all the way back to Connecticut. I’m visiting the Air Age home office for a week, and then I’m happy to say that I will be racing in the 2011 Short Course Nationals at [...]

Aug 22, 2011 Comments
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Tekin 4-Pole Update

So I promised an update on the Tekin 4-pole motor that I blogged & video-blogged about last week.  The amount of traffic this new Tekin motor generated on our site was impressive, by the way.  It surprised even me, and I knew this motor would be hot. I installed the 4600kV Tekin motor in my [...]

Aug 17, 2011 Comments
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