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What Happened To Crawling?

There’s no shortage of people who will tell you rock crawling is dead. I’ll get right to the point; they’re wrong. What is true is that rock crawling is not growing at the exponential rate it once enjoyed. It’s probably not growing at all—meaning just as many people fall off as join in. Rock crawling—the [...]

Jan 05, 2011 Comments
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Top 10 trucks of 2011

2011 has been a great year in RC. A lot of awesome  vehicles and parts have been released and I am really looking forward to seeing  what is going to happen next year. As we wrap up 2011 I thought I’d share what  I think are the top 10 trucks of the year with you [...]

Jan 02, 2011 Comments
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Short Course: The Missed Opportunity

Most people in the RC industry or those  involved in hobby for a significant amount of time recognize that the short course segment is the best thing to happen to the hobby in a long time. It has renewed the interest of veteran enthusiasts and has drawn in newcomers. In some respects, short course has [...]

Nov 17, 2010 Comments
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