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About Matt:I think it’s safe to say I’ve done a little bit of everything in RC. That said, I predominately race off-road and my current passion is short course. One of my all-time favorite classes is oval carpet racing. Besides racing, I can often be found working on one of my many never-complete projects, and it seems I have an ever growing collection of rock crawlers—specifically scale crawlers. Matt’s 5 Hot Topics: Short course, Racing, Scale Builds, Crawling and the General RC Hobby

Is On-road Racing Dead?

May 29, 2011 25 Comments

Let me start off by making it clear that I’m on on-road racer. I’m not devoted strictly to on-road, but I like it just as much as off-road, and before short course came along, I probably liked on-road just ever so slightly better than dirt racing. Now that we have established that I am not [...]

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Has Short Course Replaced the Stadium Truck Class?

May 27, 2011 17 Comments

Just when I thought the answer was an obvious yes, some guys have been showing up with stadium trucks at my local track and it appears TLR will be releasing a stadium truck version of the 22. So, which is it? Has the stadium truck class been replaced or not? I personally think there’s no [...]

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Are You An RC Snob?

May 20, 2011 42 Comments

There are all sorts of snobs. Beer snobs, wine snobs, guitar snobs, cigar snobs, food snobs, car snobs, bike snobs and, of course, even RC snobs. There’s some snob in all of us. I confess my RC snobbery is with batteries, radios and pre-painted RTR bodies. I’m not proud of this, but I’ll explain. When I’m at the [...]

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OFNA Hyper 10sc Battery Mod

May 17, 2011 1 Comment

One thing that has always seemed a little odd to me about my OFNA Hyper 10sc is how the battery stands up instead of being positioned flat on the chassis. This keeps the battery out of harms way and does allow it to be positioned fairly close to the chassis’ center line, but I could help [...]

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RC Dreamin’

May 09, 2011 18 Comments

I had a dream last night. It was a wonderful dream. In this dream I had a pet dragon who could talk and I was the starting power forward for the Celtics, but those weren’t the only points of pure fantasy. In this dream all LiPo batteries used the same balance plugs, all RC vehicles used [...]

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What Makes a Race Day, What Ruins a Race Day?

May 06, 2011 20 Comments

Racing is fun. I hesitate to over simplify something that many people are extremely passionate about, but that’s why we do it–to have fun. In that sense, RC racing is no different than, say, bowling or billiards. But, like those two examples, racing can go beyond being simply fun and elevate to being highly fulfilling. That’s [...]

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Can You Beat This?

Apr 29, 2011 9 Comments

I have started building an RC version of a Top Truck Challenge style truck. For those who don’t know, Top Truck Challenge is an annual full-size event put on by Four Wheeler magazine. It’s an over-the-top hardcore off-road test for trucks and it includes mud, rocks, dirt and frame bending, suspension breaking, engine blowing utter mayhem. [...]

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RC Doubleheader

Apr 27, 2011 No Comments

Like a lot of family folk, I don’t always have the time to go to as many RC events as I’d like. I don’t mean big events, I mean the weekend stuff like racing or rock crawling comps. This Sunday, however, the stars must be aligned just right because not only am I going to [...]

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