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About Matt:I think it’s safe to say I’ve done a little bit of everything in RC. That said, I predominately race off-road and my current passion is short course. One of my all-time favorite classes is oval carpet racing. Besides racing, I can often be found working on one of my many never-complete projects, and it seems I have an ever growing collection of rock crawlers—specifically scale crawlers. Matt’s 5 Hot Topics: Short course, Racing, Scale Builds, Crawling and the General RC Hobby

Is RC’s Greatest Rivalry Back?

Jul 14, 2011 23 Comments

Simply put rivalries add excitement. But, they actually do far more than that. Think of the Red Sox vs. Yankees, or Giants vs. Dodgers for you west coasters. They take what is a game and turn it into a battle. In RC, the greatest and most heated rivalry of all time is Team Associated vs. [...]

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Brad Miller of NBA Fame Starts RC Race Team

Jun 30, 2011 2 Comments

Veteran NBA big man Brad Miller has found his way into the world of RC truck and car excitement with the formation of BMiller Racing. A past RC enthusiast, Miller was recently struck by the short course racing bug and wanted to get back into the hobby.   “I am definitely a backyard basher when [...]

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Jun 21, 2011 No Comments

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RC Pearls of Wisdom

Jun 19, 2011 2 Comments

Fathers are always good for some pearls of wisdom, and with this being Father’s Day, it got me thinking about some RC pearls of wisdom I’ve heard and passed along over the years. My number one piece of RC sage advice is: Slow is fast. This holds especially true for off-road racing, but it’s sound [...]

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Best RC Car Video Soundtrack Songs?

Jun 09, 2011 12 Comments

These days, you can make a decent RC video with your cell phone. But, when you start getting fancy and do a few takes with different angles, some slow mo, a bunch of other editing and effects, the next thing you’ll add is a cool soundtrack. Here’s my question: what song is the best soundtrack/background [...]

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What’s Your RC Guilty Pleasure?

Jun 08, 2011 15 Comments

I’m a racer in the sense that I have raced competitively for years and race as often as I can. I don’t, however, fit the typical racer mold. I just enjoy far too many, what I’ll call, basher-related guilty pleasures. What’s an RC guilty pleasure? It’s something you enjoy but don’t readily admit or promote it, so [...]

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Racing is Back!

Jun 02, 2011 5 Comments

At the risk of drastically over simplifying the subject, this hobby–specifically the enthusiasts–can be broken down into two groups: racers and bashers. You either race or you don’t. There’s no official definition of a racer or what qualifies you as a racer. I’m going to say you’re a racer if you go to the track [...]

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What’s the Next Big Thing in RC?

May 31, 2011 10 Comments

Trends come in go. Actually, most RC trends never completely go away, they just hog the spotlight for a given amount of time and then share the stage to to differing degrees. We’ve seen trends such as minis, touring cars, rock crawling and short course all but take over the hobby. While it seems highly specific and [...]

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