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The RC Industry: We Are Family

I had the privilege to meet Mike Reedy for the first time many years ago at an IFMAR Worlds event, and although I didn’t know Mr. Reedy as well as many in our industry, I knew immediately that Mr. Reedy was a kind hearted man of character.  In the RC racing industry, Mr. Reedy was [...]

Jun 13, 2011 Comments
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2011 ROAR 1/8-scale Fuel Off-road Nationals, Team Associated Wins Big

ROAR 1/8-Scale Offroad Fuel Nationals It was Team Associated’s day to shine today at the ’11 ROAR Offroad Fuel Nationals.  With Ryan Maifield claiming his third ROAR Truggy National title today and Ryan Cavalieri taking home his second ROAR Buggy National title (only the second racer ever to do so, after TLR’s Adam Drake), the [...]

Jun 06, 2011 Comments
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ROAR Offroad Fuel Nats–Saturday

As already mentioned, it was the Kyosho/Jared Tebo show today at Thunder Alley.  Not to over exaggerate the facts, but… Jared TQ’d a mind-boggling 4 out of 4 buggy rounds, and 3 of 4 truggy rounds…totaling 7 out of a possible 8 rounds against some of the fastest nitro offroad racers on the planet.  Racers [...]

Jun 05, 2011 Comments
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Kyosho’s Jared Tebo Double TQs–Dominates ROAR Nats Qualifying

Jared Tebo continues to dominate 1/8-scale racing, adding another double TQ performance to his resume at the ROAR Offroad Fuel Nationals. Tebo, with his AKA tires/Orion engine/KO Propo equipped Kyosho vehicles wrapped up Truggy with a 4th round TQ this afternoon, and has already sealed the buggy class TQ in spite of the 4th buggy [...]

Jun 04, 2011 Comments
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It’s Memorial Day! Drive An RC Car!

I’ve made up my mind: I’m driving an RC car today.  It’s Memorial Day, and most people think of BBQ’s, pools, the start of summer, and (I hope) honoring the courageous service men and women who’ve died for our freedoms.  Being the RC addict I am, I’m going to burn a few packs through my [...]

May 30, 2011 Comments
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RC Car Wrecks: The Bad & The Ugly

I witnessed one of the most exciting and dangerous nitro buggy runaways at my local track last week I’ve seen in ages.  Thankfully, no one was injured, though this runaway made a large crowd of onlookers scatter like a flock of pigeons after a gunshot.  It got me thinking about some of the more spectacular RC [...]

May 28, 2011 Comments
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I Like Turtles!

It’s Monday, and I’m just sayin’, I like turtles.

May 23, 2011 Comments
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It’s A Rainy Day…Time To Clean

It rarely rains in Southern California.  This area is known for its blue, sunny skies nearly year ’round.  We get to play with our RC cars whenever we feel like it.  And sometimes, like today, I actually need to run an RC car for testing…but it’s raining. So, what do I do when it’s raining?  [...]

May 17, 2011 Comments
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