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Drifting 101

Author: J.P. LeBlancRC Car Action Contributor Drifting; its fresh, its fun and we in the U.S. are catching on to the hottest competition from Japan.  If you don’t know what it is, you soon will as there are more and more events coming to a parking lot near you. Sliding your car sideways is here to [...]

Oct 21, 2008 Comments
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Custom Traxxas Slash Giveaway

Win A Custom Traxxas Slash! If you want a shot at winning, you have to stop by the Air Age Media booth at the iHobby Expo in Rosemont, IL on October 18 between 2:00PM and 3:00PM to spin the wheel for a shot at this truck. We’ll draw the winning name at 3:00PM, so dont miss out [...]

Oct 14, 2008 Comments
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Exclusive Unveiling Kyosho Rock Force 2.2

Kyosho Rock Force 2.2 Prototype version shown. Parts and specifications are subject to change. Features Twin vertical plate aluminum chassis Fluid-filled shocks 4-link rear suspension 3-link front suspension with panhard bar Worm drive axles Axle mounted steering servo Forward mounted battery Suspension limiting straps 2.2-inch rims Prototype shown with Pro-Line Badlands tires Beefy suspension links [...]

Oct 03, 2008 Comments
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Custom Electric Jato

  Ever since the Jato was released in 2005, Traxxas fans have been clamoring for an electric version. The first test of the truck in the June 2005 issue of RC Car Action included an interview with Traxxas’ Steve Slayden who stated, “I think it would be great to do an electric Jato.” It has [...]

Sep 30, 2008 Comments
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Longer-lasting off-road tires

Rotating your 4WD off-road buggy or truck’s tires after every two or three runs will make them last longer. Use a permanent marker to indicate the left front (L/F), right front (R/F), left rear (L/R) and right rear (R/R) tires. This will make keeping track of the tires much easier. Also, pay attention to how the tires are wearing, and adjust the camber to promote even tire wear across the tires’ contact patch. If the tires wear more on the inside, reduce the negative camber (make the turnbuckles longer). If they wear more on the outside, do the opposite by reducing the length of the turnbuckles, which increases negative camber.

Mark Hendrix
Atlanta, GA

Sep 25, 2008 Comments
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Keychain wrench

Ever had to walk back to the pits for your kit’s 4-way wrench so you could tighten a loose wheel or adjust your slipper clutch? You’ll always have the tool handy if you drill a small hole near the center of your 4-way wrench and add it to your key chain. Now, whenever you have a wheel come loose, you won’t have to search for a wrench.

Frank Parks
Charlotte, NC

Sep 25, 2008 Comments
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Project Slash

The Traxxas Slash is a fun, durable, and cool vehicle to bash, race, and just have fun with. The past couple weeks I have been racing my Slash at a local track and it’s been a blast, but I wanted to make my Slash faster, and more durable so I could really hit the track [...]

Sep 25, 2008 Comments
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Mud-free tires

Before a race, apply a light coat of cooking spray on your off-road tires to make them easier to clean after a race. The mud and dirt will be much easier to clean off.

Josh Nelson
Las Vegas, NV

Sep 24, 2008 Comments
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