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Spotted: Pro-Line Capped Ford Bronco Short-Course Body

As spotted in Ty Tessmann‘s pit, this capped Ford Bronco shell will soon be on the way from Pro-Line.  You’ll need a set of extra-long rear body posts for this guy, otherwise expect it to fit standard 1/10 short-course trucks and include all the usual Pro-Line goodness with overspray film, window masks, and decals. We [...]

Feb 13, 2014 Comments
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RPM Super-Sizes the Classic Bearing Blaster

RPM’s Bearing Blaster is an RC classic, and now there’s a super-sized version for the extra-big rollers in large-scale RC vehicles–not to skateboards, as RPM sagely points out. The Mega Bearing Blaster, like the original model, sandwiches the bearing to be cleaned between two nested cones with an opining for the spray-tube of your favorite cleaner/lube [...]

Feb 09, 2014 Comments
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PROTOform Makes Body Marking Easy With Magnets

Sweet…your custom painted body just arrived. Not so sweet…you forgot to mark the body post locations before you sent the shell out to your airbrush maestro. Don’t worry, it’ll still look kinda cool mounted crooked. Or, you could get PROTOform’s Crosshair Body Mounting Kit and get it lined up straight. Cue the magnets! Protoform’s instructions [...]

Feb 05, 2014 Comments
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Electric Tether Car Breaks the 200mph Barrier

200mph with an RC car remains an elusive goal, but the tether-car gurus at Vector Racing have achieved the milestone with the eponymous Vector. This Castle Creations-powered missile rolls out with a NeuMotors 1530 motor, Ice HV controller,  and twelve Thunder Power LiPo cells aboard. Sending the car on its way to 200mph is not [...]

Feb 03, 2014 Comments
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Win Our $2,200 TGN-Equipped Losi 5IVE-T!

The April issue of RCCA is on sale now and features our Losi 5IVE-T “Skull Crusher” build, complete with go-fast gear from TGN, Losi, Pro-Line, and Hitec. Here’s the best part: we’re giving this $2,200 machine away! All you have to do to enter the contest is “Like” us on Facebook and fill in a [...]

Feb 02, 2014 Comments
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ARRMA Announces New Typhon & Kraton “6S Rated” 1/8 Scale Vehicles

No body-off shots yet, but Arrma’s new 1/8 scale machines certainly look legit, and with Arrma’s claim of 60+mph top speeds, you can expect some serious gear under the lexan. For now, Arrma is touting a 180amp speed control, metal-gear servo with aluminum horn, aluminum motor mounts, and front and rear swaybars for both models. [...]

Feb 01, 2014 Comments
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Tamiya Land Cruiser 40 P/Up–Plus More from Germany

Lots of new Tamiya kits and RTRs on the way, here’s a sneak peak from the Nuremberg Toy Fair, courtesy of the TamiyaUSA blog: NEO FIGHTER The Neo Fighter Buggy is mounted on the newly developed and easy to build DT-03 chassis platform. Intended as an easy-to-get-started model to encourage young drivers to enter the [...]

Jan 31, 2014 Comments
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HPI’s Savage XL Octane Gasser: First Video!

HPI’s much-anticipated Savage XL Octane is getting closer to becoming an available-in-stores reality–here’s the video for proof! The gas-burning (as in gasoline, not nitro) monster is still unobtanium on the HPI website, with no applicable results for a search of “Octane,” but sit tight…it’s definitely happening.     This preview page dates back to when [...]

Jan 31, 2014 Comments
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