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No Foam Inserts Here–You Inflate These Tires With Your Mouth [VIDEO]

We shared this post with old toy car RC car commercials on Facebook, and Steve Tuberman commented with “what about Fat Wheels?” What about Fat Wheels indeed! This 1981 Remco Jeep featured balloon-like tires you blew up with your mouth, hence the name “Fat Wheels.” We’re totally sure flat tires were never a problem. Anyone [...]

Oct 26, 2015 Comments
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Sneak Peek: STRC’s Lift Kit for Axial SCX10

More details soon, promises STRC. For now, all we’ve got is, “This kit allows for the SCX10 to use 2.2 size tires and larger/longer Wraith shocks as well.  Geared towards those that are interested in building the popular Mud/Mega Trucks.” Looks like we need to build a mud-slash-mega truck of our own! Watch this space [...]

Oct 23, 2015 Comments
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Traxxas Shreds a Shopping Mall [VIDEO]

Looks like mall security got a big box of donuts for this shoot. The Traxxas guys cut loose with a pair E-Revos in an abandoned mall, which gives the action a very Dawn-of-the-Dead vibe–just in time for Halloween!

Oct 22, 2015 Comments
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Good-Looking Scale Stuff from SSD

If you’re looking for machined steel and aluminum upgrades to outfit your Axial SCX10, AX10, Wraith or Yeti, or Vaterra Ascender, give SSD a look at Below is just a sampling; hit the site for a bunch more stuff to outfit your favorite trail rigs, rock racers, and crawlers. D60 Rock Shield diff cover [...]

Oct 19, 2015 Comments
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I Want To Race At Headquake RC Park [VIDEO]

The AstroTurf Worlds was cool and all, but I’d rather hit Headquake’s home track (as in, the track at his house). Lots of tree shade, real dirt to roost and slide on, and plenty of turns to keep your fingers moving. Maybe it could use bigger jumps and more of them, but when you’re your [...]

Oct 15, 2015 Comments
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Artist Danny Huynh Talks About His Dystopian RC Creations

Danny Huynh is an Australian photographer, artist, and RC enthusiast who is gaining attention worldwide with his highly detailed and stylized custom vehicles. With only a few years in RC under his belt, it’s amazing to see how quickly he’s developed a signature style and a knack for creative, home-brewed engineering. We talked to Danny [...]

Oct 13, 2015 Comments
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Traxxas E-Revo = Skateboard Power System [VIDEO]

This clip is titled “TRAXXAS E-REVO RC CAR PUSHES GUY ON SKATEBOARD VERY FAST,” and that’s exactly what you get. Oh, and the guy eats it at the end, so you’ve got that to look forward to. FYI, don’t try this at home.

Oct 12, 2015 Comments
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LOOK INSIDE: RC Car Action December Issue On Sale Now

December? It’s not even Halloween! Don’t worry about it, just see what’s inside…   Not one, but three cover stars this month!   Axial’s new SCORE Trophy Truck is burnin’ up the interwebs today, but we beat them to it with James Knight’s Project build! Much more than a body swap going on here…   [...]

Oct 09, 2015 Comments
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