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Make-It Monday: Small-Parts Painting Stand

Small detail parts can be blown away by the force of a spray can, or may become stuck to the surface you place them on for painting. To avoid this, make a small-parts holder using stiff wire, an alligator clip, and a block of wood. Or better yet, two alligator clips! And here’s a tip: [...]

Aug 12, 2013 Comments
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EXCLUSIVE! Traxxas Telluride First-Drive Video!

  The Traxxas Telluride is built for go-anywhere, do-anything fun and brings Traxxas’ proven Stampede 4X4 technology to an even more affordable price point: under $300! The ready-to-run truck rolls out on Kumho Road Venture replica tires for all-terrain grip on everything from dirt and grass to rocks and trails, and new suspension arms pull [...]

Aug 09, 2013 Comments
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Pro-Line: “Name This Tire!”

We don’t usually consider manufacturer promotions to be news-worthy, but this one seems like a lot of fun. Pro-Line has a new tire on the way for the Traxxas Summit, and the only feature it’s missing is a name. If you provide the nom-de-knob that makes Pro-Line say “that’s it!”, they’ll tool the name into [...]

Aug 07, 2013 Comments
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Novak announces multi-mode Crusher power system

“The Crusher was born out of the need to fill the gap of a single multi-functional speed control that could accommodate a multitude of applications — rock crawlers, rock racers, short course, and even the heavy-duty RC applications that have no category,” says Novak, and judging by the press info, it looks like the Crusher [...]

Aug 07, 2013 Comments
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Available Now! Helicopter Aerobatics Made Easy DVD

This high-definition, one-hour DVD tells you everything you need to know to become a hotshot aerobatic pilot! World helicopter champion Jamie Robertson shows you how to perform 16 popular aerobatic maneuvers, from pirouettes to rolls, flips, and loops to the Rainbow and even an Inverted Funnel. You’ll learn fast with his detailed, step-by-step instructions, up-close [...]

Aug 06, 2013 Comments
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30-Second phone stand with RC flavor!

Do you have a spare shock tower, two screws, and about two inches of fuel tubing? Presto–instant phone stand. To build it, just…look at the picture. There you go. There’s probably 1,000 other ways to make a phone stand out of spare RC bits–what can you come up with? Get it together, pop a pic, [...]

Aug 05, 2013 Comments
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Horizon Hobby picks up full-scale racing phenom Mitchell DeJong

Horizon Hobby has officially announced of their partnership with red-hot racer Mitchell DeJong (pronounced “de-young”). With TLR, Losi, Vaterra, and ECX all under the Horizon umbrella, there’s no shortage of interesting ways the DeJong deal could go. The PR hypes Mitchell’s Rallycross efforts, which has us wondering if we’ll see a tie-in with the Vaterra [...]

Aug 03, 2013 Comments
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Kyosho stuns with wild-styled RageVE

“Oh yeah, I totally saw that coming,” is what exactly no one will be saying about the RageVE, the latest brushless-powered 4WD machine to come from the House of K. Officially a “4WD Truck” but looking more like a “Monster Coupe” to us (or an off-road Crossfire, as opined by one of the guys here [...]

Aug 02, 2013 Comments
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