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MIP C-Drive axles for Axial Scorpion

Latest from MIP. Wait ’til you feel the heft on these bad boys–they are BURLY. Read MIP’s official press info below, talk about ‘he new C-Drives in the Hot News & New stuff forum. COVINA, CA – March, 2008 – Moore’s Ideal Products LLC (, the manufacturer of the top selling MIP RC car parts, [...]

Apr 01, 2008 Comments
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Losi announces NEW Desert Truck RTR!

The Losi guys have been on fire! The Speed-T (reviewed last month) put a street-spin on the stadium-truck formula, and now Losi is back in the dirt with the red-hot Desert Truck. It uses the same CR-style long-wheelbase chassis as the Speed-T, but adds a full rear cage and baja-style front bumper/grill guard with a cutaway body [...]

Mar 28, 2008 Comments
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Cactus Classic: Tebo Takes 2WD & 4WD, Cav Scores Truck win

Jared Tebo TQ’d and won the 2-Mod class and followed it up with a win in 4WD after qualifying 7th. Fellow A-Teamer (and 2007 Cactus Classiuc mod truck and 2WD champ) Ryan Maifield took the pole in Mod Truck, but another flyin’ Ryan took the Truck win, as Ryan Cavalieri added another Cactus trophy to his [...]

Mar 17, 2008 Comments
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Losi & Reedy LiPo’s ROAR legal

  Losi and Team Associated (with their Reedy brand) have both announced ROAR-legal status for their respective hard-shell LiPo packs. For the official details, go to the Hot News & New Stuff forum: Losi HERE, Reedy HERE

Mar 16, 2008 Comments
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Pro-Line Hammer all-terrain & rock-crawling tire

Latest from Pro-Line Pro-Line is proud to announce their all-new Rock Crawling and/or all-terrain tire for 2.2” standard wheels or bead-loc wheels – simply called, Hammer.   For All-Terrain enthusiasts…   What better way to experience radio control cars then on a variety of surfaces all at once. Pro-Line recognizes your need to explore a [...]

Mar 15, 2008 Comments
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Traxxas unveils new Blast

Latest from Traxxas, the Blast is back–and way better looking. Get the official details below, talk about it in the Hot News & New Stuff forum. New TRAXXAS BLAST High-Performance Electric Race Boat New Waterproof Electronics for All-Day Summer FunNew Blast The new Traxxas Blast is engineered to be fast, reliable, and easy to drive. [...]

Mar 15, 2008 Comments
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Schumacher returns to off-road with all-new CAT SX

      Latest from Schumacher, the CAT is back! Here we have more information on the new CAT SX Competition 4WD Off-Roader that we announced at the recent Nurnberg Toy Fair. You can now see some of the exceptional details the Schumacher designers have been working on for this new innovative car. We hope the [...]

Mar 13, 2008 Comments
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Novak announces new brushless motor combos, ROAR rules SS10.5, 13.5 & 17.5 motors race-legal

Latest from Novak Electronics Irvine, CA – March 10, 2008 – Novak is giving R/C drivers more racing options by combining the popular SS17.5 Pro Brushless Motor with both the versatile GTB Programmable Racing Brushless/Brush ESC and the sleek GTB 4-Cell Programmable Racing Brushless/Brush ESC. The recently approved systems for ROAR Stock spec class races [...]

Mar 12, 2008 Comments
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