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Nuremberg News: 10 New Tamiya Cars Announced!

It’s Nuremberg Toy Fair time again, where the entire hobby and toy industry descends on Nuremberg, Germany to show off all their wares. Tamiya is always a big draw, and they’re kicking out their latest rides now with a lot of action on the TT-02 chassis, plus some stuff that can be best described as [...]

Jan 28, 2015 Comments
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Hitec Lynx 4S Review

You’ll find our full review of the Hitec Lynx 4S in the next issue of RC Car Action, but we’ll go ahead and spoil the ending for you: this is an extremely nice radio system. All you have to do is take it out of the box to realize it’s something special. The 4S has the [...]

Jan 27, 2015 Comments
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Traxxas E-Revo Spins Tires Into Pizza Cutters On Ice [VIDEO]

Buck Speas puts a set of Pro-Line Trenchers to the test in this video, which we don’t recommend you try at home but it sure is fun to watch. Buck says that’s 6 cells worth of LiPo power spinning the Trenchers into pizza cutters, and we don’t doubt it. Anyone care to do the math [...]

Jan 25, 2015 Comments
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Kyosho Announces Most Japanese Car Ever

We all know Japan is responsible for many of RC’s most iconic brands and models, but few scream “I’m from Japan!” as loudly as Kyosho’s EZ-B Miku Racing Sandmaster. Featuring “the world’s most famous electronic diva” behind the wheel, Kyosho’s latest Ready Set clearly isn’t taking itself too seriously. The custom-wrapped ride is inspired by Good Smile [...]

Jan 23, 2015 Comments
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TLR 22T 2.0 Revealed

The TLR 22 and 22SCT have received the 2.0 treatment, so it was only a matter of time before we saw a 2.0 version of the 22T. The 2.0 doesn’t look very different, but the truck has a long list of updates to make it an even more formidable performer on the track. A 2.5mm [...]

Jan 22, 2015 Comments
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Guinness Book Makes it Official, Nic Case World’s Fastest at 202.02mph

We reported on Nic’s record-setting run back in October, and now his milestone has been officially acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records. Congratulations to RC’s fastest man alive! From Nic: Guinness has authorized Nic Case’s (me) top speed of 202.02mph! This was the culmination of years effort and dedication by Nic and his [...]

Jan 21, 2015 Comments
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MattZilla / Axial Wraith U4RC Rig Reader’s Ride

Mike Bowman runs this rig at R/C Excitement in New England, where he piloted his machine to a respectable third place finish at his first race and looks to keep improving. His MattZilla creation is far from stock, featuring a Vanquish Products Stage 1 kit for the Axial Wraith, steering links and hex hubs. The [...]

Jan 20, 2015 Comments
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Batman’s Tumbler 1/3-Scale RC “Miniature”

While computer-generated effects are the go-to technique for anything remotely fantastic in most of today’s movies, director Christopher Nolan remains a steadfast believer in practical effects–in other words, putting real things in front of a camera. That includes full-size “Tumblers” for his Batman trilogy, but not all the Tumbler shots were achieved in full-scale. There’s [...]

Jan 19, 2015 Comments
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