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Pro-Line Adds One-Piece Option to Jeep Comanche Line

Pro-Line has had a pair of two-piece Comanche shells for a while, and now you can get the same look from a single piece of Lexan. Like the previous versions, the new one-piece shell is designed specifically for 12.3″ wheelbase rigs. As usual for Pro-Line, it’s made of genuine GE Lexan (as opposed to McGillicuddy’s [...]

Jun 27, 2015 Comments
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Vaterra Adds ’68 Ford F-100 to V100-S RTR Lineup

We’re fans of Vaterra’s V100-S models, which include a variety of Chevy, Ford and Nissan models ranging from cop-car Camaros and the latest Mustang GT to vintage and modern Corvettes and two takes on the “Godzilla” GT-R. The latest look for the shaft-drive street runner is Ford’s classic ’68 Ford F100, which gets a resto-mode [...]

Jun 25, 2015 Comments
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1/5 Scale Trucks Racing & Wrecking In Slow-Mo [VIDEO]

Large-scale trucks seem even bigger and weightier when filmed in slow-mo, as this clip will attest. Some of the angles could be full-scale race footage! Click for all the Lexan-wrinkling fun, but you may want to supply your own soundtrack–the current track is pretty snoozy.

Jun 25, 2015 Comments
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Could Ty Tessmann Beat You With a Grasshopper?

Answer: probably not. That’s not meant to besmirch Ty’s driving skills (they’re un-besmirchable) or the Tamiya Grasshopper (it’s fun, but hardly a race car). But it does serve as an object lesson for how a driver’s success is dependent not only on his or her skills, but also the capabilities of their car. At the [...]

Jun 24, 2015 Comments
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Tom Meents Double Backflips Maximum Destruction, Front End Receives Maximum Destruction [VIDEO]

Five tons of monster truck flipping twice in the air? That is nuts. You gotta give it up to Tom Meents for having the guts to basically drive head on into a wall for this stunt. I’ll just watch from the stands, thank you. Fast-forward to 0:15 if you can’t wait fifteen seconds for the [...]

Jun 21, 2015 Comments
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Got Monster Truck? Send Us Your Pics!

We’re revving up another Monster Trucks special issue, and we want to see your machine in the mag. Send your best shots to, and be sure to include the details about your build. Need photo tips? Just  click here. Here are the trucks that made the cut for our last issue–click to enlarge.

Jun 20, 2015 Comments
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Wild Rat-Rod Drift Ride–Who Built It? [VIDEO]

“This car is not mine! Do not ask me details because I do not know anything!” That’s all YouTuber “robekensugi” has to say about this beautifully crafted rat-rod drifter, but we’d love to learn more. You don’t see beam front axles and Watts-link rear ends in RC often, and I can’t say we’ve ever seen [...]

Jun 19, 2015 Comments
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Outerwears Generation 2 Traxxas Slash 4X4 Chassis Shroud (Standard Chassis)

Outerwears and its filter products are popular with powersports and motorsports enthusiasts, as well as RC fans. In the RC car realm, Outerwears chassis shrouds are an easy upgrade and do a good job of keeping the chassis free of dirt and debris, and even shed water. The Terra-Flo technology is impressive. The material is [...]

Jun 17, 2015 Comments
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