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I hereby proclaim that we all need to be racing Tamiya Honda City Turbos. There’s nothing remotely race-worthy about it (heck, it’s designed to do wheelies), which is why I want to race it. Spec-class style of course, just build it box stock and race it. OK, you can add bearings, but that’s it. How [...]

Jul 17, 2015 Comments
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What Can You Do With Hitec’s New Robo-Servo?

Other than sticking it into a robot (duh), what would you do with Hitec’s latest robot servo? Instead of moving to an endpoint, the HSR-2645CR spins its output shaft continuously in either direction, with proportional speed up to 46rpm. You could use it to crank a jack screw and lift a dump bed, or make [...]

Jul 15, 2015 Comments
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Tamiya Announces New VW Amarok, Petronas Tom’s RC F, and Limited Edition DB01RRR Kits

Wrench-spinners rejoice, Tamiya’s latest three models are all DIY kits, so you’ll have plenty of poly bags of parts to open and you can choose your own gear and paint–and your own body and tires, in the case of the Limited Edition DB01RRR 4WD buggy. It’s the latest race-spec iteration of the DB01 chassis, and [...]

Jul 08, 2015 Comments
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Readers’ Rides Cattle Call: Let’s See Your RACE CARS

We always encourage you to send us pics of your favorite RC cars and trucks no matter what you’re rolling, so don’t hesitate to send us your best shots. But if you’ve got a sharp-looking race rig to share, then we especially want you to get outside and get pics! Don’t let the scalers and [...]

Jul 08, 2015 Comments
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This Full-size vs. RC Formula-E Matchup Is Pretty Cool, and Fake [VIDEO]

Hat-tip to Jalopnik for this story, which teases with the highly clickable headline of “Watch This Electric Race Car Tear It Up With Its Superfast RC Twin.” The video is a fluff piece for Qualcomm’s “Halo” wireless charging technology for full-size electric cars. Instead of plugging the car into the power supply, you simply park [...]

Jul 02, 2015 Comments
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Here’s the REAL “Behind the Scenes” on the NOT Fake Qualcomm RC vs. Formula-E Video

When we last shared Qualcomm’s RC vs. full-size Formula-E video, we had some fun pointing out what appeared to be fakery that went into it based on the “Behind the Scenes” clip that accompanied the video. Turns out there’s a lot more to it than that clip, which definitely didn’t do the production team any [...]

Jul 01, 2015 Comments
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Tamiya Aqroshot & Neo Fighter XB Review

You’ve already seen this if you’re a subscriber–why not pull the trigger on a sub right now? Get yours here! Tamiya’s DT-03 is the rugged platform beneath the Aqroshot and Neo Fighter truck and buggy looks. Build your own with the kit versions of both, or go RTR with the Neo Fighter in “XB” trim. We [...]

Jun 29, 2015 Comments
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Pro-Line Adds One-Piece Option to Jeep Comanche Line

Pro-Line has had a pair of two-piece Comanche shells for a while, and now you can get the same look from a single piece of Lexan. Like the previous versions, the new one-piece shell is designed specifically for 12.3″ wheelbase rigs. As usual for Pro-Line, it’s made of genuine GE Lexan (as opposed to McGillicuddy’s [...]

Jun 27, 2015 Comments
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