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Biggest in RC: Quarter-Scale Oval Action

If there’s one segment of RC that’s still reserved for the hardest of hardcore, it’s quarter-scale racing. Just about big enough to ride on, built just like full-size race cars, and definitely not RTR (or cheap), these massive machines are the ultimate RC cars. Watch them go left in Stock Car, East Coast Modified, and [...]

Jan 19, 2015 Comments
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Standard Wheel, Drop Wheel, or Sticks?

“Which transmitter configuration do you prefer to drive: standard wheel or drop-wheel?” That’s the question we asked on Facebook, and here’s the results in chart form, as of this morning. We also added “sticks” for those who piped in with their love for driving by thumbs. Click over to our FB page and add your [...]

Jan 15, 2015 Comments
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Pro-Line Fuel Stick: See It First

Consider Pro-Line’s new Fuel Stick to be World Champion Approved: Ty Tessmann and his family team helped develop the high-tech filler-upper and used it to blast Nitrotane into his Hot Bodies D812 at the Worlds in Italy. Ty was noted for his lightning-fast pit stops on the way to the win, so you know the [...]

Jan 14, 2015 Comments
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Vaterra Twin Hammers Recreated in LEGO, Controlled by SmartPhone

It can take a long time to put together some of the more complex LEGO models with instructions. We can only guess how long it took LEGO builder “Sariel” to build this fully-functional, fully-suspended, phone-controlled LEGO Twin Hammers out of pure imagination. See it in action below. In addition to featuring the mind-blowing build, the [...]

Jan 13, 2015 Comments
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Traxxas “BackSlush” by Scott Oney [Reader's Ride]

Scott Oney is a Traxxas fan, and hailing from Spirit Lake, ID he knows a bit about snow. He decided to combine the two into the ground-up build you see before you, which Scott has dubbed the BackSlush! Originally (and, we assume, before he named it!) the project was started using a Traxxas Rustler chassis, [...]

Jan 13, 2015 Comments
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Traxxas Steals the Show In Leatherman Video

This is ostensibly an ad for the Leatherman Leap, “your kid’s first multi-tool,” but with wall to wall Slash and Rustler action, it plays like a Traxxas ad. Best parts: where the kids drive into the woods where there’s no way they could possibly see their trucks, yet the action continues; the mid-air transmitter transfer [...]

Jan 12, 2015 Comments
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RC Fire Trucks Put Out RC Tanker Fire

Want to see an RC fuel tanker drive off a bridge, burst into flames, then get put out by a fleet of water- and foam-shooting RC fire trucks? Of course you do. Oh, and for the record, you should never play with fire. But watching this video is perfectly safe.

Jan 11, 2015 Comments
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Pro-Line Now Has a Stadium Truck (sort of)

Pro-Line’s PRO-2 SC short course truck, PRO-2 Buggy and PRO-MT monster truck aren’t being officially joined by a stadium truck (that we assume would be called the PRO-ST), but this build from Pro-Line’s Holeshot blog sure looks factory. It’s based on a modded PRO-MT, and the conversion is easy. There’s no telling if this could [...]

Jan 09, 2015 Comments
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