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Traxxas Monster Truck Unwraps Itself! [VIDEO]

Unwrapping RC anything is always a treat, but this reveal takes the prize for creative gift giving! Junior gets a pistol-lookin’ thing for Christmas–but what the heck does it do? Skip to 1:05 if you want to get right do the action (and Mom’s crazy laugh).

Dec 24, 2015 Comments
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You Need This Quarter-Scale V10-Powered Pencil Sharpener

The video below shows a nitro-powered pencil sharpener built with a salvaged RC engine, and it’s pretty cool and all. But all I could think of is Gary Conley saying something like “Oh, you built a nitro pencil sharpener? That’s cute,” before whipping out this bad boy: a pencil sharpener that grinds graphite with a [...]

Dec 21, 2015 Comments
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HPI Launches New “Venture” Scaler Platform [VIDEO]

Not much in the way of details on this, but HPI does confirm the Venture is all-new and “not related to any existing platforms.” HPI also says they’re in the “final phase of R&D testing,” so expect to see this rig on trails soon. More details when we get ‘em, but from the looks of [...]

Dec 18, 2015 Comments
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Quick Build: Tamiya TT-02B MS

Tamiya’s TT-02 platform delivers shaft-driven 4WD on a budget for a bunch of the brand’s tourers and drifters, and is also offered as the b-is-for-buggy TT-02B in Dual Ridge and Neo Scorcher body styles. For this build, I’ve got the TT-02B MS, which ramps things up a notch or two with fiberglass shock towers, a [...]

Dec 16, 2015 Comments
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197 Feet! Watch Traxxas & the Dude Perfect Guys Break the RC Long Jump Record (Plus Other Stunts) [VIDEO]

Traxxas continues to amaze with the help of fellow Texans and YouTube titans Dude Perfect, this time with a collection of tricks that include a record-breaking jump over a Traxxas 18-wheeler to the tune of 197 feet. Nice! Look for an exclusive story on the custom jump truck and ramp built for the stunt soon! Warning, this [...]

Dec 07, 2015 Comments
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Do You Think RC Has Made You a Better Full-Size Car Driver? [VIDEO]

That’s the question that came to mind when watching these clips of BMW M3 and Shelby GT500 drivers failing hard at car control. Neither driver appears to do any meaningful counter-steering, and the GT500 driver doesn’t even appear to lift throttle. While driving RC doesn’t tune your butt for seat-of-the-pants feel in a full-size car, [...]

Dec 03, 2015 Comments
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You Need This RC Oscar Mayer Weinermobile

Oscar Mayer has done an RC Weinermobile before as a one-off 1/5 scale on a Losi 5IVE-T chassis (see the clip below), and now there’s a 1/10 electric version on the ECX Torment chassis. Here’s the best part: it’s only $25! At that price, it’s really a “free” truck and you’re just covering shipping. What [...]

Dec 02, 2015 Comments
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CYBER MONDAY! Save 40% Now at the Air Age Store!

If you are looking for some great Stocking Stuffers or need some ideas to add to the Holiday Wish List check out the website. Starting today till November 29, the Air Age Store is having a 40% off Cyber Monday Sale. Check it out now!  

Nov 30, 2015 Comments
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