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Dromida Takes Off With KODO and Ominus Quad-Copters

We don’t feature flying models frequently since this is RC Car Action and cars don’t fly (unless you jump them…). But when a car brand takes to the sky, we like to check ‘em out. Dromida debuted with a 1/18 car lineup (see our March 2014 issue for the review), and has now added two [...]

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Interview: Kyosho’s Yuichi Kanai, Father of the Inferno

Kyosho has built everything from static models to basic hobby-level kits throughout its 50-year history, but the Japanese firm is perhaps best known for producing some of the most exotic and successful race cars the RC market has ever seen. The most notable id the Inferno series of 1/8-scale buggies that have won eight IFMAR [...]

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WATCH: Spearhead Armor Group’s Incredible 1/6 Scale Tanks

These tanks from the Spearhead Armor Group club are fully RC and built big–1/6 scale, with driver figures a foot tall! These guys go all-out to make their tanks and other armored vehicles as authentic as possible, and some of the models cost over $6,000–no joke! In addition to the video here from RCX, we have [...]

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WIN a GMade Sawback from HRP!

It’s contest time, and for this go-round our friends at HRP have stepped up with a killer kit: the GMade Sawback. We reviewed this highly capable Jeep-styled trail machine back in our April issue, and as you can see, it’s a realistic ride with its ladder chassis, leaf-spring suspension, and six-lug wheels. We’re showing off [...]

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How To Paint Your Transmitter

Tired of boring black? Here’s a look at how to spray your way to a unique look for your transmitter. All it takes is a can of color and a sunny afternoon to put the “rad” in “radio,” and you can count on getting attention at the track when you show up with your tricked-out [...]

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Show Us Your Shop!

RC Car Action Facebook fan Richard Baldwin asked “What would be your dream home hobby room?” on our FB page and shared a shot of his own RC zone (that’s it below, click to enlarge). “I would like to see an article with lots of pic submissions about this,” continued Richard. Sounds good to us, now [...]

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Dave Stellfox’s GMC Sierra-styled Tamiya Clod Buster

Sunbury PA’s Dave Stellfox doesn’t let cold weather get him down–he gets building! Over the past winter, Dave created this custom 1980 GMC Sierra Grande based on a custom Tamiya Clod Buster with an ESP Clodzilla 4 chassis and suspension kit installed. Grip comes from RC4WD B&H tires and the steering has been enhanced with [...]

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WATCH: Amazing Scale Scratchbuild, From Bench to Backyard

Wow, who knew scratchbuilding your own vintage truck body was so easy? Well, scale RC modeler extraordinaire Headquake makes it look easy, anyway. Enjoy the jazzy soundtrack as plate plastic is transformed into a weathered ride before your very eyes…

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