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WATCH: Amazing Scale Scratchbuild, From Bench to Backyard

Wow, who knew scratchbuilding your own vintage truck body was so easy? Well, scale RC modeler extraordinaire Headquake makes it look easy, anyway. Enjoy the jazzy soundtrack as plate plastic is transformed into a weathered ride before your very eyes…

Sep 02, 2014 Comments by
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70s Sheetmetal for Short Course: Parma 71 Muscle Baja SC

Parma’s got a bunch of different options for styling out your short-course truck as something other than a short-course truck. You can go with a dune buggy, a 50s look, a classic panel truck, or vintage muscle–like this latest addition, the ’71 Muscle Baja SC. Parma does a good job of stretching the lines to fit [...]

Aug 29, 2014 Comments by
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Labor Day Sale! Save 30% Now Through Monday at

If you’ve got your eye on something at (like maybe the latest Short Course special, or Monster Trucks, or our Projects book…), now is the time to pull the trigger–we’re having a sale! Just enter the promo code laborday when you check out, and you’ll save 30%!

Aug 28, 2014 Comments by
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Salt is the Secret for Creating a Rusty Look

If you’d like a rough and rusty look for your ride, look no further–everything you need to know about creating corrosion (or at least the illusion of it) is right here. The technique is easy, and looks great! This article originally appeared in our March 2014 issue. For more from the RC Car Action archives, sign up [...]

Aug 26, 2014 Comments by
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Jerome Swift’s Ultra-Trick Losi 5IVE-T Build

Wow…now that’s a tricked-out 5IVE-T! This amazing Reader’s Ride comes to us from Jerome Swift of JS Hobbies & Models in the UK. Says Jerome, “A massive thank you to Mark at Outlaw Graphics for the stunning air brushing, David at Turtle Racing for the awesome Turtle products, Steve at DDM for the fantastic service, [...]

Aug 20, 2014 Comments by
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Can You ID This Vintage RC Machine?

“Name That Old RC Car” is recurring feature that always gets plenty of buzz on our Facebook page. Can you ID this week’s wayback buggy? Here’s a hint: it’s NOT a Tamiya, Kyosho, Associated, Losi, or Traxxas! Photos courtesy Inet RC, go there now for more pics of this wild ride!  

Aug 18, 2014 Comments by
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Get Your Shot Into Readers’ Rides! Easy Tips For Smartphone Pics

Today’s smartphones shoot sharper, brighter, larger pics than ever, with plenty of resolution even for print reproduction—which means you’ve got all the camera you need to submit shots to our Readers’ Rides section. But, as with any camera, it’s the person behind the lens that makes a great shot—all the camera does is capture it. [...]

Aug 18, 2014 Comments
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Engine Sound For Electric RC: And You Thought Only Nitro Made Noise

This is pretty rad…authentic engine sound for electric RC vehicles! Sense Innovations ESS (Engine Sound Simulator) Pro gives your battery blaster realistic start-up, idle, revving, and shut-down sounds, all proportional to throttle position as you drive–the video says it all. And you can even get different sounds! “More engine sounds and effects such as turbos, [...]

Aug 18, 2014 Comments
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