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How to be a Better Turn Marshal

Often overlooked and frequently dreaded, turn marshalling is a very important part of racing. Although in a perfect world nobody would ever crash during a race, the reality is that crashing, flipping your car and getting pinned into the wall can happen numerous times during a race, and it is every turn marshal’s responsibility to [...]

Mar 12, 2012 Comments by
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9 Easy Soldering Tips

Soldering is one of those tasks that you either really enjoy or greatly despise; RC maintenance is often like that. Even if you are a nitro guy, soldering comes-up more than you’d think, and if you run electric, soldering is a vital necessity. Most beginners—and some veterans—are intimidated by soldering jobs, but if you keep [...]

Oct 12, 2011 Comments by
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13-Upgrades for Under $50

Although you can easily spend hundreds of dollars on a single RC upgrade, there are numerous upgrades that you can make without breaking the bank. Sure, brushless motor systems, fully-digital transmitters, 11.1V LiPos and race-tuned nitro engines are among the most expensive and sought-after products, but there are actually tons of upgrades that can be [...]

Aug 15, 2011 Comments by
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Great Places for Extreme Bashing

Although some “serious” hobbyists only drive their RC cars and trucks at the track, the fact remains that the majority of RC vehicles are “backyard bashers” that tear up the streets, forests and extreme areas around the country. Warning! What you are about to read should not necessarily be attempted at home. Whenever bashing, always [...]

Aug 03, 2011 Comments by
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Budget RC—Ways to Save Money

RC is expensive, and that is a fact. If you are into RC, chances are that you even have more disposable income than the average person. But just because you have a little extra money to burn, it doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t benefit from being able to save a few bucks as well. Stretching [...]

Jul 22, 2011 Comments by
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Neaten those wires

It’s a fact: RC vehicles are laden with on-board wires. And to top it off, wires are delicate and often left of out in the open, where they are susceptible to damage and sometimes look plain old sloppy. From the very beginning, RC owners have searched for ways to combat loose wires. Over time, four [...]

Jul 07, 2011 Comments by
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Starting your Nitro RTR for the First Time—Things to Check

There was a time when Ready-to-Run (RTR) vehicles were a small, alienated segment of RC. Over the last ten years, however, not only have they gained respect among hobbyists, but they are partially responsible for keeping the industry afloat during hard economic times. Thanks much in part to Traxxas, RTR vehicles are much better than [...]

Jun 30, 2011 Comments
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