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Online review LRP USB Bridge

Updating speed control profiles has become all the rage t hese days allowing users to set their ESC’s to the same trims and setting the pros use in major races. LRP has released its USB Bridge which allows users to link up their SXX and iX8 speed controls to their Mac or PC and install [...]

Jan 01, 2012 Comments
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HPI Baja 5SC body makeover

I’m currently building a project Baja 5SC for an upcoming issue of Radio Control Car Action. The base for this project is my well used HPI Baja 5SC. Since a replacement body wasn’t available I decided to use the stock body and thanks to TGN Distributing I can give it a new look by adding [...]

Dec 26, 2011 Comments
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World Exclusive: Traxxas XO1

Ever since Traxxas boldly put “50mph” on the Nitro 4-Tec’s box back in 2004, the company has proven time and again that “The Fastest Name In Radio Control” is not a tagline so much as a mission statement. Since that 50mph milestone, Traxxas has steadily advanced the speedometer needle with ever-faster vehicles, peaking with the [...]

Dec 14, 2011 Comments
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100MPH Traxxas XO-1. WOW!

Can you believe that we are seeing a car that can easily reach 100MPH and uh…you can actually go to the local hobby shop and buy it. Unreal! This makes me think. I wonder if we are going to see another company release a similar product and more importantly what is Traxxas going to do [...]

Nov 30, 2011 Comments
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We’re getting closer! Revised Ultimate Truck Champs rules inside.

Well, our first ever Ultimate Truck Championship is going to be here before you know it. We have been working closely with the guys from RC Excitement on various things and it’s looking like we are going to have a very fun event. I can’t wait to see how my project Toyota Tundra does during [...]

Oct 05, 2011 Comments
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JConcepts Fall Indoor Nationals–NEW VIDEOS ADDED

I am at RC Excitement in Fitchburg, MA for the JConcepts Fall Indoor Nationals. There are 296 entries for this event this year. Two Qualifiers are being run Saturday and on Sunday there will be another round of qualifying with the mains right after.   The track layout is fast and on the easy side [...]

Oct 01, 2011 Comments
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A Sneak Peek at My Tamiya Tundra Tough Truck (Ultimate Truck Champs Rules Inside)

I’ve been working on this truck for a few months now and it’s pretty much done. I may add one or two more things here and there in the future, but for now it’s ready for our upcoming comp. I built this truck so that it can do multiple things well instead of one thing [...]

Sep 28, 2011 Comments
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Team Associated SC10 4×4 action video

Sep 23, 2011 Comments
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