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Don’t miss it!

We’re celebrating the 100th episode of The Radio Control Show with special guests gymkhana legend Ken Block, Tanner Foust of Top Gear, and Grave Digger creator and driver Dennis Anderson. Get ready for one seriously awesome ride. Check it out! Go to the Radio Control Show Facebook page and wish us a “Happy 100th Episode”. The [...]

Apr 04, 2011 Comments
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This is Mint! Full-size off-road!

While on a recent trip to Las Vegas I attended the SNORE Mint 400. I heard that the race was going on while I was there and after making a call to my boys at HPI Racing we were in a car and on the way to the event. Friday night before the race we [...]

Mar 31, 2011 Comments
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14 Things You Didn’t Know About RC

We are lucky enough to have a lot of RC vehicles come across our desks and we’ve each been in this great hobby for a long time. One of our frequent office conversations is about where things got started. For example, what company came out with the first ball differential or where did CA glue [...]

Mar 25, 2011 Comments
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Ten Tips to Get That Engine Running

Nitro engines aren’t a plug and play deal like brushless power and because of that, time needs to be spent tuning and trouble shooting them in order to enjoy your time with them. These engines are very simple machines and don’t require much to run. If it’s getting air, fuel and spark, the engine will [...]

Mar 11, 2011 Comments
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Front spindles for my trophy truck project

I’ve had a few builds for the magazine keeping me from getting to my trophy truck build and my boy Ed from STL Customs has been busy as well so things are going a little slow on the build right now. Here I have the beginning stages of my front spindles. I designed them to [...]

Mar 10, 2011 Comments
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The truth behind the Bruiser

A while back we had run into a guy who built an awesome E-Maxx that had a flame thrower built into it and we couldn’t get the truck to our office fast enough. We featured it in our 2005 Monster Trucks special issue. We wanted to set up a cool shot where the truck was [...]

Mar 02, 2011 Comments
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7 Ways to Go Faster (Nitro Edition)

We recently showed you how to get the most speed out of your electric vehicle with our “7 Ways to go Faster (Electric Edition)” Online Exclusive article. Now, we’ve shifted gears and moved onto nitro power. When bashing with your buddies, speed is king and I am here to show you how to get the [...]

Feb 25, 2011 Comments
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Motorama 2011 Live Coverage Sponsored by Tekin

Motorama 2011 Live Coverage Sponsored by Tekin Welcome to RC car Action‘s live coverage of Motorama 2011! Motorama is the largest motorsports event in the country and it’s all under one roof at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA. At Motorama you can find multiple car shows, arena cross racing, oval racing and RC is a major [...]

Feb 18, 2011 Comments
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