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Serpent Cobra T

Serpent’s new Cobra T truggy is in the Serpent booth this weekend. It’s a great looking truck with  some off the smoothest suspension around. I really like the radical look of the body.

Feb 05, 2011 Comments
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XRAY XT8 truggy

XRAY has its new XT8 truggy in the booth. I looks even better in person.

Feb 05, 2011 Comments
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First day in Germany

Day one in Germany is done and we had a great day. It was hard dealing with the time change and staying awake today was challenging. I checked out some really cool shops across from our hotel and ate some great food. I’m looking forward to hitting the show tomorrow and seeing all the cool [...]

Feb 03, 2011 Comments
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Short course trucks are hot, but will we be seeing trophy trucks soon?

A lot of us love short course trucks because they look just like the real thing. I like short course trucks but there’s nothing like a tricked out trophy truck. They look so much better with all the lights on them and the spare tires in the bed. I think that it’s time for a [...]

Feb 01, 2011 Comments
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Kit or RTR, which one is for you?

There are a lot of opinions on this subject and I used to be a kit guy all the way. There’s nothing like sitting down and building a vehicle as perfectly as possible and making slight modifications to it as you build it. That was when I had the time to build a kit. Now [...]

Jan 28, 2011 Comments
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The trophy truck build continues!

After spending some time at STL Customs designing and making my SC10 GT conversion for the Team Associated RC10GT, I was able to find some time to continue on my 1/5-scale trophy truck project. This time we have brake pads. I picked up a set of hydraulic brakes from AMS for the front and rear [...]

Jan 27, 2011 Comments
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Is there a future for solid axle monster trucks?

I am a big time fan of solid axle monster trucks and can remember seeing a lot of them in the pages of RC Car Action back in the day. Most of them were based on the Tamiya Clodbuster and they showed up in many different configurations. The race trucks were always my favorite and [...]

Jan 20, 2011 Comments
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Movies that featured RC

I liked Matt Higgins’ blog post with the RC10 from the Dead Pool. We enjoyed watching the clip. And, it’s cool that I now work with the guys who made that happen. It got me thinking about other movies that featured RC cars. I’d say the Dead Pool is one of the most famous movies with [...]

Jan 16, 2011 Comments
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