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JConcepts Goes 1/5-scale Racing With New “Chasers” Tire

JConcepts is well known for 1/10 and 1/8 racing tires, and now they’ve added 1/5 scale rubber to the list. The new Chasers design has an aggressive tread pattern inspired by 1/8 scale  tires, and features a reinforced carcass to reduce tire expansion and to give more support during hard cornering. The tires fit Losi 5T [...]

May 12, 2015 Comments
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5 Reasons Why Truck Pulling Is Cool

The more I look around on the internet the more I see custom pulling trucks popping up. I’m excited about this trend and am really excited to build one of my own. Some may ask why I’m so into building a pulling truck and I am here to show you. These are my 5 reasons [...]

May 11, 2015 Comments
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Novak Announces Trans Am Racing Combo

Novak is jumping into the Trans Am Racing series hard with its new GTB 3/Ballistic Boss VTA 25.5T Race Combo. The Ballistic Boss brushless motor is popular with the Trans Am crowd so Novak has combined it with the GTB 3 to reduce the overall cost of the two products. This sensored system has a [...]

May 08, 2015 Comments
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JConcepts Ford Atlas Now Available For 1.9 Inch Rigs

JConcepts first launched its Ford Atlas body in a short-course version, and has now tweaked the shape to fit your favorite scale rig. The body is designed to fit 12-inch wheelbase trucks and features aggressive styling that matches the full-size Ford. Other features include recessed windows, fender flairs, overspray film and window masks. Looks good [...]

May 06, 2015 Comments
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Turnigy’s B405 Packs Big-Charger Features in a Pocket Size

Turnigy’s B405 is about the same size as a standard 2S LiPo, making it easy to carry along. As expected for a charger of this size, it’s DC-only. So, if you’re also bringing a power supply along, that takes away the “tiny charger” advantage. But if you’re using the 12v battery of the vehicle that [...]

May 05, 2015 Comments
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I’m building a Durango DNX8!

The outdoor off-road season is here and I am currently building a new Durango DNX8 to get some track time with. This is the latest and greatest nitro 1/8-scae buggy from Durango and I can’t wait to dig into the build. Let’s take a look at what I have going on for the local off-road [...]

May 04, 2015 Comments
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What’s Cooler Than a Jet Engine in a Boat? TWO Jet Engines [VIDEO]

I am a fan of RC boats– the bigger the better. Gas power is cool, electric power is impressive, but a boat with two turbine engines is just mind blowing. Yep, those are two mini turbine engines that you would normally see in a large scale RC jet and this guy shoved them into a [...]

May 01, 2015 Comments
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Axial Wraith Spawn Now Available In Kit Form

I always love it when Axial introduces a kit version of a vehicle that was only available in RTR form before. I enjoy building and with these kits you get parts that were option parts for the RTR version and a vehicle that is slightly better performance wise and a little more durable. The latest [...]

Apr 30, 2015 Comments
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