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Be a Digital Racer

I really enjoy racing off-road vehicles of all types and never really run on-road. I guess I’d run more on-road if there was a track closer to my house. A while back I was introduced to Virtual RC and at first I wasn’t that into it because it was an on-road sim. The second I [...]

Sep 23, 2011 Comments
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Traxxas water proof receiver box……great for all vehicles.

If you’re a basher or into scale rock crawling, chances are that you have run through the mud and water from time to time. The receiver in a lot of vehicles is exposed and can be damaged by those conditions. Traxxas includes a waterproof receiver box with its Slash trucks and it’s held in place [...]

Sep 15, 2011 Comments
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Traxxas connectors….not just for batteries

A lot of people have speaker boxes in the back of their full-size vehicle and that makes it hard to use that space for anything else when you need it. You can solve that problem by installing Traxxas connectors in line with the speaker wires. They are high flow connectors so they won’t disrupt the [...]

Sep 13, 2011 Comments
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Painting tip

I have been painting a lot lately and have recently started to detail a Tamiya Blackfoot III body. While doing this I was reminded of a tip that you guys can use and one that I don’t always follow. Any time you get a new roll of tape be careful of where you place the [...]

Sep 09, 2011 Comments
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Traxxas Body Clip Tip

We all know that sometimes your body clip can pop off and easily get lost at the worst time. Most of the time you don’t have a body clip on you to replace the one that came off. The Traxxas Spartan boat has flexible lanyards that hold onto the body clip and since it’s mounted [...]

Sep 08, 2011 Comments
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What happened to monster trucks?

Monster trucks used to be very popular and we saw a lot of them from our readers and RC companies. They have since died down. Or have they? What happened to them? You can never go wrong with a big over powered monster truck that can go anywhere. Now that we have such powerful LiPo [...]

Sep 01, 2011 Comments
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RC Short Course Nationals Image Gallery

Check out all the action at the RC Short Course Nationals

Aug 26, 2011 Comments
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What do you like about racing?

I am more of a racer than a basher. For me I like going to the track and trying to run the perfect line and trying to make lap after lap as consistent as I can. I work on my cars so that they perform as good as possible but it’s not because I want [...]

Aug 24, 2011 Comments
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